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Top 350 Byron Katie Quotes (2024 Update)
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Byron Katie Quote: “Pay close attention to the particular thoughts you use to deprive yourself of happiness.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Our parents, our children, our spouses, and our friends will continue to press every button we have, until we realize what it is that we don’t want to know about ourselves, yet. They will point us to our freedom every time.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Isn’t it marvelous to discover that you’re the one you’ve been waiting for? That you are your own freedom?”
Byron Katie Quote: “Your parents are your projection-nothing more.”
Byron Katie Quote: “If I want something, I go get it. Anything that I believe will stop me, I question.”
Byron Katie Quote: “You would be amazed at who people are once you know yourself.”
Byron Katie Quote: “The world is your perception of it. Inside and outside always match – they’re reflections of each other. The world is a mirror image of your mind.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Stress never feels as natural as peace does.”
Byron Katie Quote: “It’s only our story that keeps us from knowing that we always have everything we need.”
Byron Katie Quote: “You are what exists before all stories.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Behold your world! The judgments you believe just created it.”
Byron Katie Quote: “We do not mature through age. We mature in awareness.”
Byron Katie Quote: “My experience is that the teachers we need most are the people we’re living with right now.”
Byron Katie Quote: “There is nothing that isn’t true if you believe it; and nothing is true, believe it or not.”
Byron Katie Quote: “There is no mistake in nature.”
Byron Katie Quote: “When they attack you and you notice that you love them with all your heart, your Work is done.”
Byron Katie Quote: “How do you react when you think you need people’s love? Do you become a slave for their approval?”
Byron Katie Quote: “You are your only hope, because we’re not changing until you do. Our job is to keep coming at you, as hard as we can, with everything that angers, upsets, or repulses you, until you understand. We love you that much, whether we’re aware of it or not. The whole world is about you.”
Byron Katie Quote: “The ability to understand the cause of your own suffering gives you the ability to understand ours.”
Byron Katie Quote: “The most important relationship is the mind’s relationship with itself. In other words, the ultimate – and, really, the only – relationship you have is the relationship with your own thoughts.”
Byron Katie Quote: “I love not rushing the process. Mind doesn’t shift until it does, and when it does shift, it’s right on time, not one second too late or too soon. People are like seeds waiting to sprout. We can’t be pushed ahead of our own understanding.”
Byron Katie Quote: “It’s not possible to have a problem without believing a prior thought. To notice this simple truth is the beginning of peace.”
Byron Katie Quote: “When you say or do anything to please, get, keep, influence, or control anyone or anything, fear is the cause and pain is the result.”
Byron Katie Quote: “God’s will and your will are the same, whether you notice it or not. There’s no mistake in the universe. It’s not possible to have the concept “mistake” unless you’re comparing what is with what isn’t. Without the story in your mind, it’s all perfect. No mistake.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Suffering over things that have happened to us is nothing more than an argument with the past.”
Byron Katie Quote: “As you inquire into issues and turn judgments around, you come to see that every perceived problem appearing “out there” is really nothing more than a misperception within your own thinking.”
Byron Katie Quote: “There’s no nightmare you can’t wake yourself up from.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Every moment a gift: are you unwrapping yours now, and now, and now?”
Byron Katie Quote: “To exclude anything that appears in your universe is not love. Love joins with everything. It doesn’t exclude the monster. It doesn’t avoid the nightmare – it looks forward to it.”
Byron Katie Quote: “When you realize that suffering and discomfort are the call to inquiry, you may actually begin to look forward to uncomfortable feelings. You may even experience them as friends coming to show you what you have not yet investigated thoroughly enough.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Who would you be if you didn’t believe this lie?”
Byron Katie Quote: “Life is the constant opportunity to wake up.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Bottom line is, if someone says something about me and it upsets me, it’s true.”
Byron Katie Quote: “What is perfect health? The unraveling of all imagined states of mind.”
Byron Katie Quote: “You are the effect of your story, that’s all.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Never be fooled into believing that there is one speck out of order.”
Byron Katie Quote: “It’s a wonderful world when you have what you want at all times.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Mind is everything. There’s nothing that it’s not.”
Byron Katie Quote: “The nature of mind is that it loves everything once it loves itself, just as it opposes everything when it opposes itself.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Nothing comes ahead of its time, and nothing ever happened that didn’t need to happen.”
Byron Katie Quote: “I can find only three kinds of business in the Universe: mine, yours, and God’s.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Everyone in your life is a figment of your imagination – ev en you.”
Byron Katie Quote: “I love what I think, and I’m never tempted to believe it. Thoughts are like the wind or the leaves on the trees or the raindrops falling. They’re not personal, they don’t belong to us, they just come and go. When they’re met with understanding, they’re friends.”
Byron Katie Quote: “When you act like a teacher, it’s usually because you’re afraid to be the student.”
Byron Katie Quote: “An unquestioned mind is the world of suffering.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Nothing terrible has ever happened except in our thinking. Reality is always good, even in situations that seem like nightmares. The story we tell is the only nightmare that we have lived.”
Byron Katie Quote: “The world is as you perceive it to be. For me, clarity is a word for beauty. It’s what I am. And when I’m clear, I see only beauty. Nothing else is possible.”
Byron Katie Quote: “If you want to clean up the environment, start with your mind. It starts there!”
Byron Katie Quote: “When we stop opposing reality, action becomes simple, fluid, kind, and fearless.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Everyone wants peace, inside and outside, and we would all have it if we knew how. Now we know how. It begins with you.”
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