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Top 350 Byron Katie Quotes (2024 Update)

Byron Katie Quote: “It’s not your job to like me – it’s mine.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you.”
Byron Katie Quote: “If you want real control, drop the illusion of control; let life have you. It does anyway. You’re just telling yourself the story of how it doesn’t.”
Byron Katie Quote: “If I had a prayer, it would be this: “God, spare me from the desire for love, approval, or appreciation. Amen.””
Byron Katie Quote: “Our job is unconditional love. The job of everyone else in our life is to push our buttons.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Who would you be without the thought that happiness depends on someone else?”
Byron Katie Quote: “Just keep coming home to yourself, you are the one who you’ve been waiting for.”
Byron Katie Quote: “If you realized how beautiful you are, you would fall at your own feet.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Spare yourself from seeking love, approval, or appreciation-from anyone. And watch what happens in reality, just for fun.”
Byron Katie Quote: “If you are mentally somewhere else, you miss real life.”
Byron Katie Quote: “If you argue against reality you will suffer.”
Byron Katie Quote: “The world is what you believe it to be, and it changes as you change.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Forgiveness is just another name for freedom.”
Byron Katie Quote: “I discovered that when I believed my thoughts, I suffered, but that when I didn’t believe them, I didn’t suffer, and that this is true for every human being. Freedom is as simple as that. I found that suffering is optional. I found a joy within me that has never disappeared, not for a single moment.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Reality is always kinder than your thinking.”
Byron Katie Quote: “A thought is harmless unless we believe it. It’s not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering. Attaching to a thought means believing that it’s true, without inquiring. A belief is a thought that we’ve been attaching to, often for years.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Discomfort is the call to set yourself free.”
Byron Katie Quote: “When you discover that all happiness is inside you, the wanting and needing are over, and life gets very exciting.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Don’t be careful. You could hurt yourself.”
Byron Katie Quote: “The only difference between heaven and hell is believing a thought.”
Byron Katie Quote: “The whole world is simply my story, projected back to me on the screen of my own perception. All of it.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Nothing ever goes wrong in life.”
Byron Katie Quote: “The Ego’s job is to kill everything but itself.”
Byron Katie Quote: “I am a lover of what is, not because I’m a spiritual person, but because it hurts when I argue with reality.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Nothing belongs to me. Everything comes and goes. Serenity is an open door.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Since the past is unreal and the future is unreal, all your thoughts are about nothing.”
Byron Katie Quote: “The only thing you fear is the unreality that you yourself have invented.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Until the mind is open, the heart stays closed. The open mind is the key to the open heart.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Defense is the first act of war.”
Byron Katie Quote: “A thought is harmless unless we believe it.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror.”
Byron Katie Quote: “The last story: God is everything, God is good.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Peace doesn’t require two people; it requires only one. It has to be you. The problem begins and ends there.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Fear is always the result of an unquestioned past imagined as a future.”
Byron Katie Quote: “When you become a lover of what is, the war is over.”
Byron Katie Quote: “No one has ever been able to control his thinking, although people may tell the story of how they have. I don’t let go of my thoughts-I meet them with understanding. Then they let go of me.”
Byron Katie Quote: “As long as you think that the cause of your problem is “out there” – as long as you think that anyone or anything is responsible for your suffering – the situation is hopeless. It means that you are forever in the role of victim, that you’re suffering in paradise.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Everyone is a mirror image of yourself-your own thinking coming back to you.”
Byron Katie Quote: “When the creative mind is unleashed and understands its true nature, it’s unlimited. There’s nothing you cannot do.”
Byron Katie Quote: “If you don’t like your world, question your thoughts about it.”
Byron Katie Quote: “When you realize that every stressful moment you experience is a gift that points you to your own freedom, life becomes very kind.”
Byron Katie Quote: “To argue with reality is to argue with God.”
Byron Katie Quote: “We are never really in control. We just think we are when things happen to be going our way.”
Byron Katie Quote: “It’s not the problem that causes our suffering; it’s our thinking about the problem.”
Byron Katie Quote: “We’re all looking for love, in our confusion, until we find our way back to the realization that love is what we already are.”
Byron Katie Quote: “I stopped waiting for the world to give me what I wanted; I started giving it to myself.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Gratitude is what we are without a story.”
Byron Katie Quote: “There is no security for those who seek it outside of themselves.”
Byron Katie Quote: “Insanity is arguing with reality.”
Byron Katie Quote: “You’ve never reacted to someone else. You project meaning onto nothing. And you react to the meaning you’ve projected.”
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