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Daniel Handler Quote: “He thought she knew what he meant, but the biggest mistake you can make is thinking they know what you mean.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “I saw myself, clearly, a scorned woman drunk and angry at a party. Hell hath no fury etc.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “I like to give people novels I think they would like, on no particular occasion – just when we’re in a bookstore together. I like to receive reference books on my birthday.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “But more often the woman was alone and would walk around naked for some reason, neither beautiful enough nor ugly enough to make sense.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “Making you happy isn’t making me happy.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “Allison decided it was okay sort of like if you’re in a car and it topples off a hill you decide it’s okay to fall, too.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “Reader: Dear Mr. Snicket, What is the best way to keep a secret? Lemony Snicket : Tell it to everyone you know, but pretend you are kidding.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “After a certain age, you couldn’t even say where you were from. You went someplace, and lived there. And then you went someplace else.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “Phil Needle supposed what he meant was that he wanted to be God, just long enough to find his daughter. It was not a prayer but a promotion. This was why nobody liked God: they wanted his job.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “It’s why we broke up, Ed, a small thing that’s disappeared or maybe was never really in my hands in the first place.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “You don’t say,” Helena said. She took a cigarette out of her ripped purse and lit it because she smoked. She was a smoker.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “What do your parents know, about surviving?”
Daniel Handler Quote: “Come on in,” I said again, and he came on in and I hugged him. I felt his arms, warm through the linen. Suddenly there was a reason to leave the house and see other humans, because some of them were good.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “The screen shows me Portugal. The screen shows me Cairo. They have a thing where you can wander the streets. I can go anywhere I want is what the screen keeps telling me. Try this. Try there. Go around here. The world’s wide open. You can wander anyplace and you’ll be alone there, too.”
Daniel Handler Quote: “How many happy people do you think there are in the world? Twelve?”
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