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James Patterson Quote: “Basically, if you put a fence around New York City, you’d have the world’s biggest nontraveling circus.”
James Patterson Quote: “Anger, hatred, and bitterness are lethal poisons. They cause a slow, painful emotional death that only you suffer. Self-destruction will never defeat an enemy or create justice.”
James Patterson Quote: “Fang is not the huggiest person in the world – he turns into an unbending statue, and you just have to do the best you can. Which.”
James Patterson Quote: “It’s too bad the word miracle has been overused, because I swear it’s the only word that fit the feeling of holding my daughter in my arms. My heart swelled to the size of the world.”
James Patterson Quote: “Please don’t shut out love- it’s the best thing about life.”
James Patterson Quote: “Big Sale. Last Week.’ Last week? Why advertise? I already missed it. They’re just rubbing it in.”
James Patterson Quote: “Somehow all troubles and cares seemed to diminish when you were with the people you loved. Then.”
James Patterson Quote: “I wouldn’t trust you if you were the last life raft leaving the Titanic.”-max.”
James Patterson Quote: “I had made a friend. My second one in fourteen years. I was on a roll.”
James Patterson Quote: “Until now, I never noticed how much fantasy had to do with reality.”
James Patterson Quote: “We know,” Nudge said apologetically. “It’s just – she’s going to make sweet potatoes with raisins and little marshmallows on top.”
James Patterson Quote: “Have you ever done something extremely stupid like, oh, I don’t know, try to make a room filled with total strangers laugh until their sides hurt? Totally.”
James Patterson Quote: “A lot healthier than getting socked in the stomach. Especially if you had a big breakfast.”
James Patterson Quote: “I hugged everyone, sat down beside Cindy Thomas and Yuki Castellano, Claire’s best girlfriends and mine, the four of us making up the entire membership of what we half jokingly call the “Women’s Murder Club.”
James Patterson Quote: “A small, weak part that just wanted to be a little girl again, with a family that wasn’t sick and broken. But that sure wasn’t going to happen, was it?”
James Patterson Quote: “He’s basically putting on a private doo-wop show for the seagulls. Then he stops, spreads out his arms, and adds in the harmony: “In the still of the ni-i-i-ight!”
James Patterson Quote: “The possibility of a woman pope was extraordinary, astounding, and if it happened, the consequences would be profound. Zachary.”
James Patterson Quote: “If you know the why, you can figure out the who.”
James Patterson Quote: “Maybe you’ll learn something about life beyond Batman.”
James Patterson Quote: “It’s always, always, always about the flock. I don’t know how to do it any other way.”
James Patterson Quote: “Everything wanting to contribute to my ulcer, Get in line and take a number!”
James Patterson Quote: “There is truth in dreams, but especially in nightmares.”
James Patterson Quote: “Read a ton, write every day if you can, and don’t mimic another writer’s style. Find your own voice.”
James Patterson Quote: “I’m here to say that moonshine has nothing on love- and lust.”
James Patterson Quote: “I’m pretty sure dodgeball was invented by some gym teacher who hated kids and just wanted an excuse to throw things at them.”
James Patterson Quote: “Listen up,” I said urgently. “It’s time to round up your gear. I’m gonna check in with Patrick, and then we’re getting the flock out of here.” Ha-ha.”
James Patterson Quote: “If life were a movie, we’d have had what they call a “meet cute”.”
James Patterson Quote: “You put on a mask. But don’t you see? Nobody can really know you unless they know your extremes.”
James Patterson Quote: “Total?” I said when he was close. “Can you talk?” He flopped down on the grass, panting slightly. “Yeah. So?” Jeezum. I mean, mutant weirdos are nothing new to me, you know? But a talking dog? “Why didn’t you mention this before?” I asked him. “It’s not like I lied about it,” said Total, reaching up with a hind leg to scratch behind one ear. “Between you and me, I’m still trying to get used to the whole flying-kid thing.”
James Patterson Quote: “A saying of Sun-tzu’s hammered through her head: “A victorious army wins its victories before seeking battle.”
James Patterson Quote: “But even when patients die under totally hinky circumstances, people think doctors are so Godlike, they just accept whatever they’re told.”
James Patterson Quote: “By taking control of my sexuality, I felt like I’d finally taken control of my life.”
James Patterson Quote: “While God had not forsaken this place, He was clearly expecting us to hold up our end, as it appeared He was needed elsewhere.”
James Patterson Quote: “It was all I could do to not give a mwa ha ha ha!”
James Patterson Quote: “Galapagos tortoise,” she said. “I’m one hundred and seven years old.” “Huh. And you don’t look a day over a hundred and five,” I said.”
James Patterson Quote: “Irony sort of reaches up and slaps you in the face sometimes, doesn’t it?”
James Patterson Quote: “All genders?” whispered Nudge. “Aren’t there just the two? Or did I miss something?” I shrugged. “No idea. Maybe they’ve created others.” The thought was fairly repulsive, and we made “eew” faces at each other.”
James Patterson Quote: “Knowledge truly is power, it’s everything; if you don’t have any, pretend you do.”
James Patterson Quote: “Keep your small mind open,” said Nana, wagging a crooked pinkie finger at Jannie. “That’s if you ever want it to grow bigger and don’t want to remain a small person all your life.”
James Patterson Quote: “Delusional. Like Donald Trump with a comb.”
James Patterson Quote: “Can we ever really judge behavior by the behavior itself? Lesson learned. Most often, we can’t.”
James Patterson Quote: “Robinson sat up and peered out at the lawn. “I had no idea you were so deprived. They’re the best bugs in the world because they can light up their butts. It’s how they find mates.”
James Patterson Quote: “I dumped half a cup of green tea into the sink. To hell with my chakras. I needed coffee.”
James Patterson Quote: “Oz thinks I’m beautiful,” she whispered to the stars.”
James Patterson Quote: “She’s about as sweet as a flaming turd.”
James Patterson Quote: “Memory is all I have now.”
James Patterson Quote: “Michelangelo didn’t show David triumphant, the way every other sculptor did. He showed David before he fought Goliath – when David believed he was doomed and went into battle anyway.”
James Patterson Quote: “It wasn’t because the lions were particularly hungry. The humans had been nothing compared to the eighteen-hundred-pound Cape buffalo, the pride’s more typical prey. The cars had been like boxes full of snacks.”
James Patterson Quote: “You know. “I only know that I’ve lost my faith in You.” The “voice” resonated in my mind. I haven’t lost mine in you.”
James Patterson Quote: “Normal behavior, therefore, is when we collectively believe that the circumstances justify the behavior. Likewise, abnormal behavior is when we don’t.”
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