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James Patterson Quotes
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James Patterson Quote: “Galapagos tortoise,” she said. “I’m one hundred and seven years old.” “Huh. And you don’t look a day over a hundred and five,” I said.”
James Patterson Quote: “Irony sort of reaches up and slaps you in the face sometimes, doesn’t it?”
James Patterson Quote: “Think about it. When the end comes, will you be buried in the arms of the one you love? Of the one who knew you your whole life, who loved you your whole life? The only person who could really and truly love you like you needed to be loved? I hope so.”
James Patterson Quote: “All genders?” whispered Nudge. “Aren’t there just the two? Or did I miss something?” I shrugged. “No idea. Maybe they’ve created others.” The thought was fairly repulsive, and we made “eew” faces at each other.”
James Patterson Quote: “Knowledge truly is power, it’s everything; if you don’t have any, pretend you do.”
James Patterson Quote: “Keep your small mind open,” said Nana, wagging a crooked pinkie finger at Jannie. “That’s if you ever want it to grow bigger and don’t want to remain a small person all your life.”
James Patterson Quote: “Delusional. Like Donald Trump with a comb.”
James Patterson Quote: “Can we ever really judge behavior by the behavior itself? Lesson learned. Most often, we can’t.”
James Patterson Quote: “Robinson sat up and peered out at the lawn. “I had no idea you were so deprived. They’re the best bugs in the world because they can light up their butts. It’s how they find mates.”
James Patterson Quote: “I dumped half a cup of green tea into the sink. To hell with my chakras. I needed coffee.”
James Patterson Quote: “Oz thinks I’m beautiful,” she whispered to the stars.”
James Patterson Quote: “She’s about as sweet as a flaming turd.”
James Patterson Quote: “Memory is all I have now.”
James Patterson Quote: “Michelangelo didn’t show David triumphant, the way every other sculptor did. He showed David before he fought Goliath – when David believed he was doomed and went into battle anyway.”
James Patterson Quote: “It wasn’t because the lions were particularly hungry. The humans had been nothing compared to the eighteen-hundred-pound Cape buffalo, the pride’s more typical prey. The cars had been like boxes full of snacks.”
James Patterson Quote: “You know. “I only know that I’ve lost my faith in You.” The “voice” resonated in my mind. I haven’t lost mine in you.”
James Patterson Quote: “Normal behavior, therefore, is when we collectively believe that the circumstances justify the behavior. Likewise, abnormal behavior is when we don’t.”
James Patterson Quote: “Kami matamu, Iggy. Kau tak perlu melihat selama kau memiliki kami.”
James Patterson Quote: “We all make choices. We all have to live with them.”
James Patterson Quote: “Life is fun. Enjoy the ride!”
James Patterson Quote: “Why did she do this to me?” I mumble. “Actually, Samuel, from my preliminary scans of your internal organs, it does not appear that our mother has done anything to you. Were you in need of repair as well? If so, I am certain she will –.”
James Patterson Quote: “She sucks in her breath and lets the flames race along the comforter until they lick her and swallow her whole.”
James Patterson Quote: “E is definitely the biggest ERROR my mother has ever made – worse than the time she designed a litter-box-cleaning robot that flung clumps of kitty poop all over the house.”
James Patterson Quote: “Please, sit down,” Sharon said with another hair toss. I made a mental note to practice doing that in a mirror the next time I saw one. it seemed a useful skill, right up there with roundhouse kicks.”
James Patterson Quote: “At that instant, I knew exactly what I wanted out of life: this. This feeling, this happiness, this embrace.”
James Patterson Quote: “Sheep!” Angel cried, catching sight of some fluffy brown wool. “Anne is quite the animal lover,” Fang said to me as we followed Angel. “Horses, sheep, goats. Chickens. Pigs.” “Yeah,” I said. “I wonder who’s for dinner?” He flashed one of his rare smiles at me, and it was like the sun coming out. I felt my cheeks get hot and strode on ahead.”
James Patterson Quote: “I’m sure some of you get sent to your rooms sometimes by your parents. All I have to say is, the next time it happens and you’re lying there all mad thinking about how hard your life is, just picture me standing next to you, ready to smack you upside the head. When I get sent to my room, it’s in a freaking dungeon! With rats!”
James Patterson Quote: “The Gasman leaned over and examined the tangled pile of stereo guts spread out on the kitchen table. “It looks like a robot came in here and threw up,” he observed.”
James Patterson Quote: “This was the weird part with me and Miller. We both hated each other, but even more than that, he wanted my money and I wanted my notebook back. Neither of us had said anything about it to Stricker, even when we both got suspended. It was like middle school Mafia or something.”
James Patterson Quote: “No, what’s the best way to catch a fish?” Angel asked again. Oh. “I don’t know?” I said warily. “Have someone throw it to you!” Angel laughed, I groaned, and, next to me, Total chuckled.”
James Patterson Quote: “No wonder i hadn’t written anything decent in ages- I couldn’t even figure out how to tell a boy that i loved him. That whenever i looked into his eyes, i felt like i was drowning and being saved, all at the same time. That if i had to choose between dying tomorrow or spending the rest of my life without him, i would seriously consider picking imminent death.”
James Patterson Quote: “Ever notice that anyone going slower than you is an idiot, but anyone going faster is a maniac?”
James Patterson Quote: “Anne is quite the animal lover,” Fang said to me as we followed Angel. “Horses, sheep, goats. Chickens. Pigs.” “Yeah,” I said. “I wonder who’s for dinner?”
James Patterson Quote: “What is a lie? It’s a distortion of reality, presented as reality.”
James Patterson Quote: “I was thirty-eight at the time. As the saying goes, if I’d known I was going to live that long, I would have taken better care of myself.”
James Patterson Quote: “Rafe was trying to convince an older couple that they needed an extra toilet.”
James Patterson Quote: “If we had directions, it wouldn’t be life. It would be an assignment. Grunt work.”
James Patterson Quote: “Let’s show Dr. God what hell feels like.”
James Patterson Quote: “In movies, people always “borrow” cars by yanking some wires out from under the dash and connecting them. But the real way it works involves a screwdriver and the starter thingy, under the hood. My personal ethics prevent me from giving you more information. That’d be just what I need: a rash of car thefts across America, committed by dedicated readers.”
James Patterson Quote: “But i missed nothing- because everything that truly mattered to me was either already gone or right here next to me in the museum holding my hand.”
James Patterson Quote: “What do you think I am, some kind of idiot?” Attention! Do not answer that question! I repeat, do NOT answer that question!”
James Patterson Quote: “Give a guy with an inferiority complex some power and watch out.” I.”
James Patterson Quote: “I like that old country song? A good-hearted woman in love with a good-timing man?”
James Patterson Quote: “Max:“So the first thing we’re going to do,” I told him, “is push you off the roof.”
James Patterson Quote: “You love me this much!” Fang spreads his arms wide.”
James Patterson Quote: “In this family, we always celebrate each other’s birthdays. I don’t care if you’re four or fourteen or forty and scattered around the world. We gotta stick by each other, okay? And meals- as long as you live under the same roof, you have at least one meal a day together. I don’t care if it’s a dreaded hot dog in front of the dastardly TV as long as you’re all there. -Maeve Bennett.”
James Patterson Quote: “Better paranoid then sorry.”
James Patterson Quote: “Disney World. You’ve probably been. I’m assuming that most of America has been there, because you all seemed to be there the day that we went. All of you at the same time.”
James Patterson Quote: “Society prepares the crime; the criminal only commits it.”
James Patterson Quote: “The taxi was a V-6. Good, I’d probably need all of that. I clicked off the radio and AC to funnel extra power.”
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