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James Patterson Quote: “Please, sit down,” Sharon said with another hair toss. I made a mental note to practice doing that in a mirror the next time I saw one. it seemed a useful skill, right up there with roundhouse kicks.”
James Patterson Quote: “Keep your small mind open,” said Nana, wagging a crooked pinkie finger at Jannie. “That’s if you ever want it to grow bigger and don’t want to remain a small person all your life.”
James Patterson Quote: “Can we ever really judge behavior by the behavior itself? Lesson learned. Most often, we can’t.”
James Patterson Quote: “Yes, I sounded like a pathetic weenie. I prefer to think of it as showing my softer side.”
James Patterson Quote: “You love me this much!” Fang spreads his arms wide.”
James Patterson Quote: “Our luck would not run out. That’s what i told myself. But they were only words.”
James Patterson Quote: “E is definitely the biggest ERROR my mother has ever made – worse than the time she designed a litter-box-cleaning robot that flung clumps of kitty poop all over the house.”
James Patterson Quote: “I’m Dr. Ethan Kane, director of the Hauer Institute. My senior medical staff joins me in welcoming all of you to Maryland and to Liberty General Hospital. Think of it! You’ve been chosen to make an extraordinary journey with us. You’ll be making medical history, making some very good money as well, and this will be the best experience you’ve ever had. I guarantee it!”
James Patterson Quote: “If I could run the world, I’d find another way to treat most of these criminals – most of them, not all of them – but we find widespread solutions to widespread problems in this country, so we just build big prisons and stick everyone inside them and, for the most part, forget about them once they’re gone. Noah.”
James Patterson Quote: “Give a guy with an inferiority complex some power and watch out.” I.”
James Patterson Quote: “Disney World. You’ve probably been. I’m assuming that most of America has been there, because you all seemed to be there the day that we went. All of you at the same time.”
James Patterson Quote: “The taxi was a V-6. Good, I’d probably need all of that. I clicked off the radio and AC to funnel extra power.”
James Patterson Quote: “I picked a star and wished as hard as i could that somehow i could protect him from what was on the horizon.”
James Patterson Quote: “Wasn’t this great?” Nudge asked excitedly. “I can’t believe we’re in the White House! I want to be president someday.” “I’ll be vice president,” the Gasman offered. “You guys would be great,” I said politely. Yes, they could run on the Mutant Party ticket, with a freak-of-nature platform. No prob. I’m sure America is ready for that.”
James Patterson Quote: “If I never had another thing, Id have everything.”
James Patterson Quote: “There,” I said. “Decades of psycho logic picked apart in three seconds by an eleven-year-old. Take that, modern science!”
James Patterson Quote: “Boy, you just can’t kill people like you used to,” said Fang.”
James Patterson Quote: “However, I had been hoping that Donald Trump would just drop me off in one of his helicopters.”
James Patterson Quote: “We try not to encourage demonstrations of his mastery of the gaseous arts.”
James Patterson Quote: “It’s a baby plane,” Angel whispered when we first got inside the dollhouse-like interior. “It’s going to grow up to be a seven forty-seven someday.”
James Patterson Quote: “We Stink was going to sink like the Titanic.”
James Patterson Quote: “Terrible. This morning, when I put on my underwear, I could hear the Fruit of the Loom guys laughing at me.”
James Patterson Quote: “He’s gonna be fine,” I confirmed. “Can we see him?” Iggy asked. “Ig, I hate to break this to you, but you’re blind,” I said, my relief making me tease him. “However, in a little while you can go listen to him breathe and maybe talk to him.”
James Patterson Quote: “Oh great. Yoda captured us.”
James Patterson Quote: “We know,” Nudge said apologetically. “It’s just – she’s going to make sweet potatoes with raisins and little marshmallows on top.”
James Patterson Quote: “Across from the famous jewelry store on Fifth Avenue at Fifty-Seventh Street, we sat in the back of a graffiti-covered white box truck watching the world go by on the surveillance vehicle’s hidden high-def camera. So far there had been no sign of the thieves. Or even Audrey Hepburn.”
James Patterson Quote: “I hugged everyone, sat down beside Cindy Thomas and Yuki Castellano, Claire’s best girlfriends and mine, the four of us making up the entire membership of what we half jokingly call the “Women’s Murder Club.”
James Patterson Quote: “But if I could do anything? Maybe you would want to be able to save the world, the Voice said. Did you ever think of that? No. I frowned. Leave that to the grown-ups. But grown-ups are the ones destroying the world, the Voice said. Think about it.”
James Patterson Quote: “You put on a mask. But don’t you see? Nobody can really know you unless they know your extremes.”
James Patterson Quote: “Itsumademo ai shiteru, Yuki. I love you forever, my daughter.”
James Patterson Quote: “I dumped half a cup of green tea into the sink. To hell with my chakras. I needed coffee.”
James Patterson Quote: “I hoped I wasn’t actually dead. That would make finding our parents and saving the world really hard.”
James Patterson Quote: “I’m not a writer’s writer. I’m not a craftsman. I could be, and that would be a one-book-a-year operation.”
James Patterson Quote: “I guess I write four or five hours a day, but I do it seven days a week. It’s very disciplined, yes, but it’s joy for me.”
James Patterson Quote: “You know. “I only know that I’ve lost my faith in You.” The “voice” resonated in my mind. I haven’t lost mine in you.”
James Patterson Quote: “He was laid-back. Drugs’ll do that to a person. Take a pill and you’re not really crazy anymore.”
James Patterson Quote: “Max:“So the first thing we’re going to do,” I told him, “is push you off the roof.”
James Patterson Quote: “Why did she do this to me?” I mumble. “Actually, Samuel, from my preliminary scans of your internal organs, it does not appear that our mother has done anything to you. Were you in need of repair as well? If so, I am certain she will –.”
James Patterson Quote: “Anne is quite the animal lover,” Fang said to me as we followed Angel. “Horses, sheep, goats. Chickens. Pigs.” “Yeah,” I said. “I wonder who’s for dinner?”
James Patterson Quote: “When my son, Jack, was four, I had to make a trip to Los Angeles. I asked him if he was going to miss me. ‘Not so much,’ Jack told me. ‘You’re not going to miss me?’ I said. Jack shook his head, and he said, ‘Love means you can never be apart.”
James Patterson Quote: “The doors of every house have a unique sound when they open and close.”
James Patterson Quote: “The only thing that beats One is two, and three, and four.”
James Patterson Quote: “I was speechless. Which is, as you know, very rare.”
James Patterson Quote: “Five minutes,” I said, and walked away, but my heart was still going just as fast as before. This was only half over. Was it five minutes until I pulled this off? Or five minutes to live?”
James Patterson Quote: “And why was the blind guy on watch, you might ask? Because a cockroach couldn’t come within fifty feet of us without his knowing it. Iggy.”
James Patterson Quote: “A guy who hates his job isn’t going to be too charming at home.”
James Patterson Quote: “There’re no boys left is what you meant,” she continued bitterly, cocking her head. “No Dylan. No Fang. No more cute guys to obsess over you.” I pressed my lips together and stared at her. “What?” But Nudge was on a roll. “Poor, poor Max,” she said, finding some ancient cans of tuna and an old jar of hearts of palm. Who eats that? “How are you going to survive with no one to fight over your attention?”
James Patterson Quote: “How do you know anything for sure? I thought. But i knew the answer to that already. You don’t.”
James Patterson Quote: “Basically, if you put a fence around New York City, you’d have the world’s biggest nontraveling circus.”
James Patterson Quote: “Are you fangalicious? -Jess, a random blogger I could never be as fangalicious as you’d want me to be.-Fang.”
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