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James Patterson Quotes
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James Patterson Quote: “Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. I drink at it, but while I drink, I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is. Its current slides away, but eternity remains. I would drink deeper, fish in the sky, whose bottom is pebbly with stars.”
James Patterson Quote: “Every day from the crack of dawn,” he said- and i completed the rest, “until we can’t keep our eyes open one second longer.”
James Patterson Quote: “Time to die. -Evil Angel.”
James Patterson Quote: “I love to tell stories. It’s a delight for me.”
James Patterson Quote: “Murder can be made to look like suicide, and suicide can be made to look like Murder.”
James Patterson Quote: “In the dictionary, next to the word stress, there is a picture of a midsize mutant stuck inside a dog crate, wondering if her destiny is to be killed or to save the world. Okay, not really. But there should be.”
James Patterson Quote: “If you’re going to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh about it now. Things are almost never as bad as they first seem. Loosen up, girlfriend!”
James Patterson Quote: “Here’s a freebie: Don’t play poker with a kid who can read minds.”
James Patterson Quote: “Oh great. Yoda captured us.”
James Patterson Quote: “A vet! I started laughing weakly and had to sit on the edge of the tub. A vet. Wait till they found out how appropriate that was.”
James Patterson Quote: “A lot healthier than getting socked in the stomach. Especially if you had a big breakfast.”
James Patterson Quote: “I don’t believe in lecturing people. It’s much more effective to present reading as a fun, rewarding pastime.”
James Patterson Quote: “Like we were just jagged puzzle pieces that made no sense alone but together we fit perfectly. That’s what life is supposed to be like for normal people right? You find that other piece that matches yours that completes yours. And you make the jags and the crevices fit, even if they don’t go in perfectly smooth, even if they require a few adjustments. You don’t demand perfection you make it work and appreciate the parts that fit instead of obsessing about the small angles that don’t.”
James Patterson Quote: “You’re your own worst enemy, Marta always said to me. You don’t need anyone to torment you because you do it to yourself.”
James Patterson Quote: “Seize what’s been handed you. Make smart decisions. Make decisions because life is a temporary situation.”
James Patterson Quote: “What did that stupid deserting crap-bag ex-boyfriend, ex-best friend with the most perfect stupid hair do? He DIDN’T delete his crap off the desktop before he fled my life and left me all alone. That’s what he did.”
James Patterson Quote: “Yeah, well, asparagus is good for me, but it still makes me want to throw up.”
James Patterson Quote: “A good love story always keeps the pot boiling.”
James Patterson Quote: “On the other hand, even a big, ’80s love van was less noticeable than six flying kids and their talking dog. So there you go.”
James Patterson Quote: “Little books can mean big things, baby books are things that you probably might not know.”
James Patterson Quote: “E is definitely the biggest ERROR my mother has ever made – worse than the time she designed a litter-box-cleaning robot that flung clumps of kitty poop all over the house.”
James Patterson Quote: “I’m sure some of you get sent to your rooms sometimes by your parents. All I have to say is, the next time it happens and you’re lying there all mad thinking about how hard your life is, just picture me standing next to you, ready to smack you upside the head. When I get sent to my room, it’s in a freaking dungeon! With rats!”
James Patterson Quote: “Better paranoid then sorry.”
James Patterson Quote: “Jeezum – humans were like eggshells.”
James Patterson Quote: “I gave him a kick and he stepped back onto the third rail. Exploding, flaming eraser! This is why moms tell you to stay away from the third rail, but it sure came in handy this time.”
James Patterson Quote: “You’re a Capricorn to the core. Organized, loves structure, not driven by impulse, a master of restraint.”
James Patterson Quote: “If your going to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh about it now.”
James Patterson Quote: “What’s so funny ’bout peace, love, and world destruction?”
James Patterson Quote: “Ray Bradbury had once written that “living at risk is jumping off a cliff, and building your wings on the way down.” Sampson.”
James Patterson Quote: “The world was becoming a zoo, without cages.”
James Patterson Quote: “Excuse me? I’m alive too.”
James Patterson Quote: “I love the idea of expanding the universe of games to some extent. At one point, they were kind of limited to boys, fanboys and whatever. I like the idea of liberation for games.”
James Patterson Quote: “You love him so much it feels like you can’t go on without him. You feel like you might die without him.”
James Patterson Quote: “Which means what?” I demanded. “That I’m nothing? That I’m not a person? That you can do anything you want to me and it’s okay? You’re so full of it! But you’re wrong. I know that I do matter. I am important. And you’re a pathetic, cold, pointless wastoid who’s going to grow old alone and die, then roast in limbo forever.”
James Patterson Quote: “Never underestimate the power of a good laugh.”
James Patterson Quote: “As I stare into the Border collie’s eyes, I think that maybe I should go inside and call the girls. Claire, Cindy, and Jill would be here almost before I hung up the phone. They would hold me, hug me, say all the right things. You’re special, Lindsay. Everybody loves you, Lindsay.”
James Patterson Quote: “I was always a good student, but I didn’t read that much until I was 18 and I was working my way through college.”
James Patterson Quote: “You love me this much!”
James Patterson Quote: “Justice doesn’t necessarily make the world a better place. Compassion always does.”
James Patterson Quote: “Please, I begged silently, please do not let my last moments on earth be me crammed into a tiny boat in the dark, surrounded by mechanical singing pirates.”
James Patterson Quote: “I was crazily, deeply, incredibly, joyously, terrifiedly in love.”
James Patterson Quote: “The idea for Maximum Ride come from the earlier books of mine called When the Wind Blows and The Lake House, which also feature a character named Max who escapes from a quiet despicable school. Most of the similarities end there. Max and the other kids in Maximum Ride are not the same Max and kids featured in those two books. nor do Frannie and Kit play any part in Maximum Ride. I hope you enjoy the ride anyways.”
James Patterson Quote: “You know things have gone bad when military marches pass for pop music.”
James Patterson Quote: “Are you fangalicious? -Jess, a random blogger I could never be as fangalicious as you’d want me to be.-Fang.”
James Patterson Quote: “Until now, I never noticed how much fantasy had to do with reality.”
James Patterson Quote: “Across from the famous jewelry store on Fifth Avenue at Fifty-Seventh Street, we sat in the back of a graffiti-covered white box truck watching the world go by on the surveillance vehicle’s hidden high-def camera. So far there had been no sign of the thieves. Or even Audrey Hepburn.”
James Patterson Quote: “Lots of women are gifting themselves with diamonds for their right hand.”
James Patterson Quote: “The trick to having obedient, unquestioning children was to have death be the other option.”
James Patterson Quote: “You will never stumble while on your knees.”
James Patterson Quote: “You mean other than the wings? I once ate nine snicker bars in a row without barfing. It was a record.”
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