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James Patterson Quotes
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James Patterson Quote: “Yes, I sounded like a pathetic weenie. I prefer to think of it as showing my softer side.”
James Patterson Quote: “Actually, I’d already briefed him, early this morning. Since we were up at six. Since, at six, the nurse had been overcome with the overwhelming compulsion to take Fang’s temperature right then.”
James Patterson Quote: “Blood City III: The Massacre. I’d read the summary of it online, and frankly, it sounded like the directors had just decided to film my life.”
James Patterson Quote: “I hoped I wasn’t actually dead. That would make finding our parents and saving the world really hard.”
James Patterson Quote: “I’m not a writer’s writer. I’m not a craftsman. I could be, and that would be a one-book-a-year operation.”
James Patterson Quote: “I guess I write four or five hours a day, but I do it seven days a week. It’s very disciplined, yes, but it’s joy for me.”
James Patterson Quote: “They come in all shapes and sizes, all races and creeds and genders. That’s the scariest thing of all.”
James Patterson Quote: “It doesn’t matter what the end looks like- what matters is that it came. Bam, you’re done. But life? There are degrees of life. You can live it well or half-asleep. You can go sledding down a sand dune, or you can spend your life in front of the TV. And i don’t mean to sound like a stupid after-school special, but you have to keep living the way we did these last weeks. Risk. That’s the secret. Risk everything.”
James Patterson Quote: “He was laid-back. Drugs’ll do that to a person. Take a pill and you’re not really crazy anymore.”
James Patterson Quote: “Can I come in? No! I’m in a towel! I’m blind!”
James Patterson Quote: “When its true, when it’s right, love can give you the kind of joy that you can’t get from any other experience.”
James Patterson Quote: “If Fang is in any way harmed while I’m gone-if he gets a hangnail-you won’t see another morning. Are we clear on that?”
James Patterson Quote: “I’m pretty sure that if you looked up the word “nuts” in the dictionary, you’ll find my picture. Just another fun feature of my mutant-birdkid-freak package.”
James Patterson Quote: “Adolescents were the most wretched humans of all.”
James Patterson Quote: “Our luck would not run out. That’s what i told myself. But they were only words.”
James Patterson Quote: “Iggy: “I’ll grab a zebra; Gaz, you fill all the bubbles with your trademark scent. so people are choking and gagging; and let’s throw beef jerky in their eyes! Now, that’s a plan!”
James Patterson Quote: “You aren’t dead,” she said. “No. You aren’t dead either,” said Iggy irritably. “How about just ‘hello’?”
James Patterson Quote: “The more you read, the better you get at it.”
James Patterson Quote: “What is a lie? It’s a distortion of reality, presented as reality.”
James Patterson Quote: “I was thirty-eight at the time. As the saying goes, if I’d known I was going to live that long, I would have taken better care of myself.”
James Patterson Quote: “If I could run the world, I’d find another way to treat most of these criminals – most of them, not all of them – but we find widespread solutions to widespread problems in this country, so we just build big prisons and stick everyone inside them and, for the most part, forget about them once they’re gone. Noah.”
James Patterson Quote: “I like that old country song? A good-hearted woman in love with a good-timing man?”
James Patterson Quote: “Max:“So the first thing we’re going to do,” I told him, “is push you off the roof.”
James Patterson Quote: “You love me this much!” Fang spreads his arms wide.”
James Patterson Quote: “In this family, we always celebrate each other’s birthdays. I don’t care if you’re four or fourteen or forty and scattered around the world. We gotta stick by each other, okay? And meals- as long as you live under the same roof, you have at least one meal a day together. I don’t care if it’s a dreaded hot dog in front of the dastardly TV as long as you’re all there. -Maeve Bennett.”
James Patterson Quote: “Better paranoid then sorry.”
James Patterson Quote: “Disney World. You’ve probably been. I’m assuming that most of America has been there, because you all seemed to be there the day that we went. All of you at the same time.”
James Patterson Quote: “Society prepares the crime; the criminal only commits it.”
James Patterson Quote: “The taxi was a V-6. Good, I’d probably need all of that. I clicked off the radio and AC to funnel extra power.”
James Patterson Quote: “Have faith and pursue the unknown end.” Oliver Wendell Holmes.”
James Patterson Quote: “Time for bed.” I held my fist out. One by one, my flock stacked theirs on top, and then we headed up into the trees to sleep the sleep of the innocent. Well, okay, maybe not so innocent. But the sleep of the much less guilty than others, for sure.”
James Patterson Quote: “I was speechless. Which is, as you know, very rare.”
James Patterson Quote: “I picked a star and wished as hard as i could that somehow i could protect him from what was on the horizon.”
James Patterson Quote: “We’re headed for the South Pole!” Gazzy jumped over the low threshold into our room from the boys’ room next door. “And it’s, like, so far south that it’s the bottom of the whole world.”
James Patterson Quote: “Because now, the magic is everywhere.”
James Patterson Quote: “I smiled, sipped deliciously at my drink, and made a new rule for myself: if life hands you a compliment, take it.”
James Patterson Quote: “How many of us share the stories of our lives with our own children? What a loss to the children if we don’t.”
James Patterson Quote: “I guess when you’re a drama teacher, you’re used to memorizing long speeches.”
James Patterson Quote: “Wasn’t this great?” Nudge asked excitedly. “I can’t believe we’re in the White House! I want to be president someday.” “I’ll be vice president,” the Gasman offered. “You guys would be great,” I said politely. Yes, they could run on the Mutant Party ticket, with a freak-of-nature platform. No prob. I’m sure America is ready for that.”
James Patterson Quote: “And no southern jokes, please. Ick.”
James Patterson Quote: “Toxic pheromone pollution. How can we combat that?” Charles Groh and I looked at each other. This was it. We’d finally arrived at the hard part. What had to be done. “The first step,” I said, “would be removing the factors that are causing the environmental disturbance.” “Remove petroleum products?” said the president. “And cell phones?” said the secretary of state. I nodded at both of them, then looked out at the faces around the table and on the screens.”
James Patterson Quote: “Don’t live a life you don’t want to talk about.”
James Patterson Quote: “And why was the blind guy on watch, you might ask? Because a cockroach couldn’t come within fifty feet of us without his knowing it. Iggy.”
James Patterson Quote: “When my son, Jack, was four, I had to make a trip to Los Angeles. I asked him if he was going to miss me. ‘Not so much,’ Jack told me. ‘You’re not going to miss me?’ I said. Jack shook his head, and he said, ‘Love means you can never be apart.”
James Patterson Quote: “Life is a test. It’s all a test. Sometimes you have to get through it, and then later everything makes more sense.”
James Patterson Quote: “The eight-year-old beat your best cadet in hand-to-hand combat?” “So did the six-year-old girl, ma’am. Actually, she beat the instructor also.”
James Patterson Quote: “If I never had another thing, Id have everything.”
James Patterson Quote: “There,” I said. “Decades of psycho logic picked apart in three seconds by an eleven-year-old. Take that, modern science!”
James Patterson Quote: “I loved laughing with him, loved that he could make me laugh.”
James Patterson Quote: “I had questioned God. I had thought that I was so special, I could hold God to account. And why? I had never been promised, ever, that life would be safe and have a happy ending for myself and those I knew and loved, if only I had faith in Him. A.”
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