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Seth Godin Quote: “The internet has opened the door for millions of businesses to do things differently, because there are other assets now, assets that can transcend location. Your permission to talk to customers, your reputation, your unique products-you can build a business around them online.”
Seth Godin Quote: “The problem with holding a grudge is that your hands are then too full to hold onto anything else. It might be the competition or a technology or the lousy things that someone did a decade ago. None of it is going to get better as a result of revisiting the grudge.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Today, not starting is far, far worse than being wrong. If you start, you’ve got a shot at evolving and adjusting to turn your wrong into a right. But if you don’t start, you never get a chance.”
Seth Godin Quote: “You want it to be hard. If it’s hard, then that means others can’t do it easily and you can charge for that value.”
Seth Godin Quote: “If you borrow money to make money, you’ve done something magical. On the other hand, if you go into debt to pay your bills or buy something you want but don’t need, you’ve done something stupid. Stupid and short-sighted and ultimately life-changing for the worse...”
Seth Godin Quote: “The Dip creates scarcity; scarcity creates value.”
Seth Godin Quote: “In a battle between two ideas, the best one doesn’t necessarily win. No, the idea that wins is the one with the most fearless heretic behind it.”
Seth Godin Quote: “In a digital world, the gift I give you almost always benefits me more than it costs.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Remember the Bob Dylan rule: it’s not just a record, it’s a movement.”
Seth Godin Quote: “The ladder of success isn’t a ladder. It’s a series of steps with leaps interspersed along the way.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Great marketers don’t make stuff. They make meaning.”
Seth Godin Quote: “I’m not a psychopath-I’m wearing a tie!”
Seth Godin Quote: “And it doesn’t matter to me whether you’re running a coffee shop or you’re an intellectual or you’re in business or flying hot air balloons. People who can spread ideas, regardless of what those ideas are, win. But consumers, they got way more choices than they used to and way less time.”
Seth Godin Quote: “The goal, then, isn’t to draw some positioning charts and announce that you have differentiated your product. No, the opportunity is to actually create something that people choose to talk about, regardless of what the competition is doing.”
Seth Godin Quote: “It’s time to stop complying with the system and draw your own map. Stop settling for what’s good enough and start creating art that matters.”
Seth Godin Quote: “In our desire to please everyone, it’s very easy to end up being invisible or mediocre.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Catering to the passionate is exactly what you should do.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Art is the work of a human being – something a person does with generosity to touch someone else to make a change for the better.”
Seth Godin Quote: “What evidence would you need to see to change your mind about this?”
Seth Godin Quote: “It’s rare to find a consistently creative or insightful person who is also an angry person. They can’t occupy the same space, and if your anger moves in, generosity and creativity often move out. It’s difficult to use revenge or animus to fuel great work.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Art changes posture and posture changes innocent bystanders.”
Seth Godin Quote: “If you do a job where someone tells you exactly what to do, they will find someone cheaper than you to do it. And yet our schools are churning out kids who are stuck looking for jobs where the boss tells them exactly what to do.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Learn. Ceaselessly. Learn to code, to write persuasively, to understand new technologies, to bring out the best in your team, to find underused resources and to spot patterns.”
Seth Godin Quote: “The reason business writing is horrible is that people are afraid. Afraid to say what they mean, because they might be criticized for it. Afraid to be misunderstood, to be accused of saying what they didn’t mean, because they might be criticized for it.”
Seth Godin Quote: “The industrial age brought compliance and compliance brought fear and fear brought us mediocrity.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Quit the wrong stuff. Stick with the right stuff. Have the guts to do one or the other.”
Seth Godin Quote: “The only way to consistently grow in B2B is to be better than very good.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Marketing begins before the product is launched.”
Seth Godin Quote: “If you speak up online and your ideas have currency, people are going to show up and want to connect with you. What we need more of are people with the guts and emotional labour to do this. The greatest shortage in today’s society is an instinct to produce.”
Seth Godin Quote: “A well-defined backup plan is sabotage waiting to happen. Why push through the dip, why take the risk, why blow it all when there’s the comfortable alternative instead? The people who break through usually have nothing to lose, and they almost never have a backup plan.”
Seth Godin Quote: “As our society gets more complex and our people get more complacent, the role of the jester is more vital than ever before. Please stop sitting around. We need you to make a ruckus.”
Seth Godin Quote: “The good news is that more than ever, value accrues to those that show up, those that make a difference, those that do work that matters.”
Seth Godin Quote: “What people are afraid of isn’t failure. It’s blame. Criticism.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Play a new game, not the older game but faster.”
Seth Godin Quote: “You can game the social media in the short run, but not for long.”
Seth Godin Quote: “If you’re not the best in the world at what you do, then you have to get better.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Being charismatic doesn’t make you a leader. Being a leader makes you charismatic.”
Seth Godin Quote: “It doesn’t hurt to ask Actually, it does hurt. It does hurt to ask the wrong way, to ask without preparation, to ask without permission. It hurts because you never get another chance to ask right.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Copy, not from your industry, from others. You have to go where there is no competition.”
Seth Godin Quote: “You can’t win by being more average than average.”
Seth Godin Quote: “I’m not proposing that you let the crowd dictate, or that you work hard to fit in. Far from it. I’m proposing that you know the impact your choices are having and act accordingly.”
Seth Godin Quote: “What if getting bigger isn’t the point? What if you merely got better?”
Seth Godin Quote: “When you can swim, who cares how deep the water is?”
Seth Godin Quote: “A book is a souvenir of an idea.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Treat different people differently. Anything else is a compromise.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Make enough mole hills, and eventually you will build a mountain.”
Seth Godin Quote: “We sell feelings, status, and connection, not tasks or stuff.”
Seth Godin Quote: “The way I understand gifts is that the giver must make a sacrifice, create an uneven exchange, bring himself closer to the recipient, create change and do it all with the right spirit.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Nine years of experience is very different from one year of experience, nine times.”
Seth Godin Quote: “Kickstarter isn’t a profit center, it’s an organizer and an instigator.”
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