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Simon Sinek Quote: “The strong bond of friendship is not always a balanced equation; friendship is not always about giving and taking in equal shares. Instead, friendship is grounded in a feeling that you know exactly who will be there for you when you need something, no matter what or when.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Happiness comes from what we do. Fulfillment comes from why we do it.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Achievement happens when we pursue and attain what we want. Success comes when we are in clear pursuit of Why we want it.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “If you have the opportunity to do amazing things in your life, I strongly encourage you to invite someone to join you.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “We crave explanations for most everything, but innovation and progress happen when we allow ourselves to embrace uncertainty.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “If you sell what you do, you’re a vendor. If you sell why you do it, you’re a brand.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “The leader’s job is to lead and protect. Not have all the answers, not know everything to do, not to micromanage and tell people what to do or how to do it. A leader’s job is to lead and protect. That’s their job, and it’s the people within the organization – their job is to get the work done.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “If we expect people to live the core values of an organization, we have to be able to tell them what those values look like in action.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Let us all be the leaders we wish we had.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Poor leaders push us towards the goal. Great leaders guide us through the journey.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “We can’t all be good at everything. This is partly the logic behind having a team in the first place, so each role can be filled with the person best suited for that role and together, every job and every strength is covered.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Curiosity is essential for progress. Only when we look to worlds beyond our own can we really know if there’s room for improvement.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Our struggles are the short term lessons we learn to achieve long term success.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “The quality of a leader cannot be judged by the answers he gives, but by the questions he asks.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “What you do is proof of what you believe.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “A good leader takes care of those in their charge. A bad leader takes charge of those in their care.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Success comes when we wake up every day in that never-ending pursuit of why we do what we do.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “It is better to disappoint people with the truth than to appease them with a lie.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Most people ignore opportunities because they see only danger. Entrepreneurs ignore danger because they see only opportunities.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Genius is in the idea. Impact, however, comes from action!”
Simon Sinek Quote: “The greatest contribution of a leader is to make other leaders.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Great leaders don’t need to act tough. Their confidence and humility serve to underscore their toughness.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “A great leader will never sacrifice the people for the numbers.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Our reputations do not come from how we talk about ourselves. Our reputations come from how others talk about us.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Leaders don’t complain about what’s not working. Leaders celebrate what is working and work to amplify it.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Optimists focus on the place they are going. Pessimists focus on the obstacles along the route. To become an optimist simply look ahead.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “If you want to achieve anything in this world, you have to get used to the idea that not everyone will like you.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Regardless of WHAT we do in our lives, our WHY – our driving purpose, cause or belief – never changes.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Leadership isn’t answering the questions others ask. Leadership is asking others to answer their own questions.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “In this age of omniconnectedness, words like ‘network,’ ‘community’ and even ‘friends’ no longer mean what they used to. Networks don’t exist on LinkedIn. A community is not something that happens on a blog or on Twitter. And a friend is more than someone whose online status you check.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Before we can stand out, we must first get clear on what we stand for.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Some see risk as a reason not to try. Some see it as an obstacle to overcome. The risk is the same; to try or not depends on your perspective.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Your work is your own private megaphone to tell the world what you believe.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “The value of emotions comes from sharing them, not just having them.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “In the military, they give medals for people who are willing to sacrifice themselves so that others may survive. In business, we give bonuses to people who sacrifice others.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “We can make up for lost money, but we can’t make up for lost time.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Stories are attempts to share our values and beliefs. Storytelling is worthwhile when it tells what we stand for.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Good leadership is always human. It takes time and energy. It is hard work. Which is why good leadership is so special when we find it.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Complaining begets more complaints. Anger begets more anger. And optimism begets more optimism.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “We should never let reality interfere with our dreams. Reality can’t see what we can see.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “I don’t care about convincing the people who think I’m naive or an idiot. I’m interested in how do I inspire the people who are open-minded that there’s a different way of seeing the world.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Humility, I have learned, must never be confused with meekness. Humility is being open to the ideas of others.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Directions are instructions given to explain how. Direction is a vision offered to explain why.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Greatness is not born from one success. Greatness is born from persevering through the countless failed attempts that preceded.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “It is important to celebrate our victories, but we cannot linger on them. For the Infinite Game is still going and there is still much work to be done.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Good marketing offers us a view of the world. Bad marketing offers us a product to buy.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “And when a leader embraces their responsibility to care for people instead of caring for numbers, then people will follow, solve problems and see to it that that leader’s vision comes to life the right way, a stable way and not the expedient way.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Leadership is like exercise. Do it everyday, the results take time but you will see them. It’s the little things.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “The leaders of great organizations do not see people as a commodity to be managed to help grow the money. They see the money as the commodity to be managed to help grow their people.”
Simon Sinek Quote: “Optimism is the ability to focus on where we’re going, not where we’re coming from.”
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