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Chuck Palahniuk Quotes
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Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “It’s because we’re so trapped in our culture, in the being of being human on this planet with the brains we have, and the same two arms and legs everybody has. We’re so trapped that any way we could imagine to escape would be just another part of the trap. Anything we want, we’re trained to want.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “On the other side of the handrail, the hallway’s gray marble floor looks as if we’ve climbed a stairway through the clouds.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Hope is something really tough and tenacious you have to give up. It’s an addiction to break.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Do we have free will, or do the mass media and our culture control us, our desires and actions, from the moment we’re born?”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Honest is how I want to look. The truth doesn’t glitter and shine.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “I’m never going to have to work. None of my descendants are ever going to have to work; this is going to make me so much money. It was such a letdown when I realized that wasn’t my invention.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “I am Joe’s Enraged, Inflamed, sense of rejection.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “No matter what happens, it’s always now.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “The cancer I don’t have is everywhere now.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Maybe this is why Misty loved him. Loved you. Because you believed in her so much more than she did. You expected more from her than she did from herself.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “I thought why not write a kind of mystery, murder, thriller book, but use romance language where the language plays completely against the very dark subject matter, that very strange murderous plot, but use that Harlequin Romance language.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Her mom and dad are both doctors and want her to follow her dream, not turn out the way they have, no matter how much it costs them.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “In good old Colonial Dunsboro, masochism is a valuable job skill. It is in most jobs.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Give me rampant intellectualism as a coping mechanism.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “It’s a fun playtime. Please, don’t kill it with big words.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Our purest form of joy comes when people we envy get hurt. That most genuine form of joy.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Think of spoiled cat food and ulcerated cankers and expired donor organs. That’s how beautiful she looks.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “We just had a near-life experience!”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “And if you believe that we really have free will, then you know that God can’t really control us. And since God can’t control us, all God does is watch and change channels when He gets bored.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “I’m always trying to reach a transcendent point, a romantic point, but reach it in a really unconventional way, a really profane way. To get to that romantic, touching, heartbreaking place, but through a lot of acts of profanity.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Ask yourself: What did I eat for breakfast today? What did I eat for dinner last night? You see how fast reality fades away?”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “There are worse things you can do to the people you love than kill them. The regular way is just to watch the world do it. Just read the newspaper.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “New carpet will exude poisonous formaldehyde for up to two years after it’d been laid. I know the feeling.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “A couple drinks. A couple aspirin. Repeat.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “No matter how bad things get, you can still walk away.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Brandy is so attractive you could chop her head off and put it on blue velvet in the window at Tiffany’s and somebody would buy it for a million dollars.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “At the last minute, I couldn’t wear the Hitler mustache because Tiger Stripe ate it; and then I didn’t want to take my kitty and risk his coughing up some big Nazi hairball on someone’s front stoop.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Every time we burn a gallon of gas or an acre of rain forest, aren’t we killing the future to preserve the present?”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “People die’, she says. ‘People tear down houses. But furniture, fine, beautiful furniture, it just goes on and on, surviving everything.’ She says, ’Armoires are the cockroaches of our culture.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Why is it you feel like a dope if you laugh alone, but that’s usually how you end up crying?”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “We thought all this teaching was to make us smart. What it did was make us stupid. With all the little facts we learned, we never had the time to think.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “I really love idiot, enlightened characters – these characters who fail to engage with the drama of their immediate circumstances; they fail to be reactive and enrolled by drama as it happens around them.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Someone bent on suicide won’t have much sense of humor left.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “The bigger the mistake looks, the better chance I’ll have to break out and live a real life. Our real discoveries come from chaos. – Brandy Alexander.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “You have to keep recycling yourself.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Every generation wants to be the last.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “What they don’t teach you in art school is how your whole life is about discovering who you already were.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “This isn’t about love as in caring. This is about property as in ownership.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “A moment is all you can expect from perfection.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “When both of you are beautiful, neither of you is beautiful. Together, as a couple, you’re less than the sum of your parts.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “The lucky ones are just born dead.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “A child who is disillusioned abruptly, by his peers or siblings, being ridiculed for his faith and imagination, may choose never to believe in anything- tangible or intangible- again. To never trust or wonder.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “And if I do fall asleep, Marla has to keep track of Tyler. Where he goes. What he does. So maybe during the day, I can rush around and undo the damage.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “I am a writer and the greatest compliment I can get is to know that I’ve contributed language to the culture, that I’ve defined something, given it a name. So I think that is one of the great things a writer can do.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Since we do operate in a binary world, if there’s something that cannot be this or that, it drives us crazy.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Parenthood is the opiate of the masses.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “We went sailing one time, and he wore a Speedo, and any smart woman should know that means bisexual at least.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “Because I can’t hit bottom, I can’t be saved.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “That if you could acquire enough, accomplish enough, you’d never want to own or do another thing. That if you could eat or sleep enough, you’d never need more. That if enough people loved you, you’d stop needing love.”
Chuck Palahniuk Quote: “On game shows, some people will take the trip to France, but most people will take the washer and dryer pair.”
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