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H. L. Mencken Quotes
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H. L. Mencken Quote: “I am against slavery simply because I dislike slaves.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “The average woman must inevitably view her actual husband with a certain disdain; he is anything but her ideal. In consequence, she cannot help feeling that her children are cruelly handicapped by the fact that he is their father.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “To believe that Russia has got rid of the evils of capitalism takes a special kind of mind. It is the same kind of mind that believes that a Holy Roller has got rid of sin.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “In the long run all battles are lost, and so are all wars.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Christian endeavor is notoriously hard on female pulchritude.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “A national political campaign is better than the best circus ever heard of, with a mass baptism and a couple of hangings thrown in.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “The only way to success in American public life lies in flattering and kowtowing to the mob.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Religion is a conceited effort to deny the most obvious realities.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Creator: A comedian whose audience is afraid to laugh.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “The sort of man who likes to spend his time watching a cage of monkeys chase one another, or a lion gnaw its tail, or a lizard catch flies, is precisely the sort of man whose mental weakness should be combated at the public expense, not fostered.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Hanging one scoundrel, it appears, does not deter the next. Well, what of it? The first one is at least disposed of.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “We have had more brilliant Presidents than Cleveland, and one or two who were considerably more profound, but we have never had one, at least since Washington, whose fundamental character was solider and more admirable.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “The only cure for contempt is counter-contempt.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “The most valuable of all human possessions, next to a superior and disdainful air, is the reputation of being well-to-do.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “One of the most mawkish of human delusions is the notion that friendship should be eternal, or, at all events, life-long, and that any act which puts a term to it is somehow discreditable.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “The great achievement of liberal Protestantism was to make God boring.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “No married woman ever trusts her husband absolutely, nor does she ever act as if she did trust him. Her utmost confidence is as wary as an American pickpocket’s confidence that the policeman on the beat will stay bought.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Youth, though it may lack knowledge, is certainly not devoid of intelligence; it sees through shams with sharp and terrible eyes.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Truth would quickly cease to be stranger than fiction, once we got as used to it.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “The natural tendency of every government is to grow steadily worse-that is, to grow more satisfactory to those who constitute it and less satisfactory to those who support it.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “The plain people, hereafter as in the past, will continue to make their own language, and the best that grammarians can do is to follow after it, haltingly, and not often with much insight into it.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “This combat between proletariat and plutocracy is, after all, itself a civil war. Two inferiorities struggle for the privilege of polluting the world.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Opera in English is, in the main, just about as sensible as baseball in Italian.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Self-respect: the secure feeling that no one, as yet, is suspicious.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Man weeps to think that he will die so soon; woman, that she was born so long ago.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Shave a gorilla and it would be almost impossible, at twenty paces, to distinguish him from a heavyweight champion of the world. Skin a chimpanzee, and it would take an autopsy to prove he was not a theologian.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “A woman wishes to mother a man simply because she sees into his helplessness, his need of an amiable environment, his touching self-delusion.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “The objection to Puritans is not that they try to make us think as they do, but that they try to make us do as they think.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “It is now quite lawful for a Catholic woman to avoid pregnancy by a resort to mathematics, though she is still forbidden to resort to physics or chemistry.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Have you ever watched a crab on the shore crawling backward in search of the Atlantic Ocean, and missing? That’s the way the mind of man operates.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “One seldom discovers a true believer that is worth knowing.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Philadelphia is the most pecksniffian of American cities, and thus probably leads the world.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “It is impossible to imagine Goethe or Beethoven being good at billiards or golf.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Suppose two-thirds of the members of the national House of Representatives were dumped into the Washington garbage incinerator tomorrow, what would we lose to offset our gain of their salaries and the salaries of their parasites?”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “I believe that no discovery of fact, however trivial, can be wholly useless to the race, and that no trumpeting of falsehood, however virtuous in intent, can be anything but vicious.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Man is always looking for someone to boast to; woman is always looking for a shoulder to put her head on.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “I have little belief in human progress. The human race is incurably idiotic. It will never be happy.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “The chief value of money lies in the fact that one lives in a world in which it is overestimated.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “It takes a long while for a naturally trustful person to reconcile himself to the idea that after all God will not help him.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Suicide is a belated acquiescence in the opinion of one’s wife’s relatives.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Absence is the dark-room in which lovers develop negatives.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “I have often argued that a poet more than thirty years old is simply an overgrown child. I begin to suspect that there may be some truth in it.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Archbishop – A Christian ecclesiastic of a rank superior to that attained by Christ.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “A bad man is the sort who weeps every time he speaks of a good woman.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “The only liberty an inferior man really cherishes is the liberty to quit work, stretch out in the sun, and scratch himself.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Popularity – The capacity for listening sympathetically when men boast of their wives and women complain of their husbands.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “Imagine the Creator as a low comedian, and at once the world becomes explicable.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “To wage a war for a purely moral reason is as absurd as to ravish a woman for a purely moral reason.”
H. L. Mencken Quote: “A man full of faith is simply one who has lost the capacity for clear and realistic thought.”
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