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Steve Martin Quotes
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Steve Martin Quote: “Mirabelle is attractive; it’s just that she is never the first or second girl chosen.”
Steve Martin Quote: “It was easier to sell a painting that was not for sale.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I was seeking comic originality, and fame fell on me as a byproduct.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I cringe at backstory. Because it never quite explains or gets into some psychological thing that is never quite right and never quite the truth and who knows why someone is some way.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Unlike Ray Porter, his love is fearless and without reservation.”
Steve Martin Quote: “In my banjo show with the Steep Canyon Rangers, I do do comedy during that show. It’d be absurd just to stand there mute and play 25 banjo songs.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I’m not Vegas. Places I play usually cost like $3 to get in, you know, and people are going: Gee, I’ve got $3, I think I’ll throw it away.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Romance takes place when you first fall in love. It stirs all emotions and you can manipulate and be manipulated.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I think there are people out there writing original bluegrass songs, but it’s hard to get them out on the air.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Knowledge of means without knowledge of ends is animal training.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Reviews for someone like me come in three packages. One is justifiable praise, the second is justifiable criticism, and the third is, “This is only published because he’s a celebrity.””
Steve Martin Quote: “Acting is collaborative because you are working with another actor, and it’s almost like a two-man juggling team. You have to really be in sync.”
Steve Martin Quote: “It’s funny that some ideas start with a little “What if?” and then suddenly you’re spending a million dollars to shoot the scene and hoping that it works.”
Steve Martin Quote: “It was essential that I never show doubt about what I was doing.”
Steve Martin Quote: “To have someone play off and be with a band is more pleasurable.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I feel good about being able to take bluegrass on to television like ‘Letterman’ and ‘The View,’ and I’ve heard nice things about being able to do that. I really haven’t felt any negativity toward me or my music.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I took literally everything I knew how to do on stage with me, which was juggling, magic and banjo and my little comedy routines.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Anyway, seeking work is a tad difficult given the poor design of the streets with their prohibitive curbs and driveways that don’t quite line up.”
Steve Martin Quote: “You want to be a bit compulsive in your art or craft or whatever you do.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I just respected comedians whether they were or they weren’t, from, you know, new or old.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I ignored my stand-up career for 25 years, but now, having finished this memoir, I view this time with surprising warmth. One can have, it turns out, an affection for the war years.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I’ve always believed that there are funny people everywhere, but they’re just not comedians. In fact, some of my best comedic inspirations were not professional entertainers.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Any type of humor can be transferred to the screen, as long as there’s clarity. The audience wants to know just what they’re supposed to be feeling, when they’re supposed to laugh.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I love animated films when they are good, because they do bring a lot of emotion and heart that’s very difficult to get in a live action film.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Well, today the Grammys is much much better than the Oscars. I think the differences in the shows are that the Grammys are much wilder. The Oscars is much more people in the industry. And people dress wilder, I think, at the Grammys.”
Steve Martin Quote: “When I was in college, I was debating to try my hand at show business, or to become a professor. I just thought of the risk of not going into show business and always wondering if I would’ve had a chance. Because that’s where my real heart was.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I was not naturally talented. I didn’t sing, dance or act, though working around that minor detail made me inventive.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I loved magic, and so I would practice my magic tricks in front of a mirror for hours and hours and hours because I was told that you must practice, you must practice and never present a trick before it’s ready.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Mirabelle is not sparkling tonight, because she works only in gears, and tonight she is in the wrong gear. Third gear is her scholarly, perspicacious, witty self; second gear is her happy, giddy, childish self; and first gear is her complaining, helpless, unmotivated self. Tonight she is somewhere midshift, between helpless and childish.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I don’t think comic timing is the same as music timing, but I definitely find that I’ve learned from just writing in general that songs can be narrative without having a story.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I understood that as much as I had resisted the outside, as much as I had constricted my life, as much as I had closed and narrowed the channels into me, there were still many takers for the quiet heart.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Life exists so the Universe can experience itself.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I like all kinds of music. I listen to Abigail Washburn, the Punch Brothers, and Marc Johnson, the great clawhammer player. I also listen a lot to Sirius Radio, there’s a lot of bluegrass there.”
Steve Martin Quote: “You know, there’s a moment when you’re famous when it’s unbearable to go out because you’re too famous. And then there’s a moment when you’re famous just right.”
Steve Martin Quote: “There’s a big difference between the National Book Awards and the Academy Awards. At the Academy Awards you can feel the greed and envy and ego. Whereas the National Book Awards are in New York.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I always felt the audience sorta tolerated the serious musical parts while I was doing my comedy.”
Steve Martin Quote: “The presence of excessive wealth puts an unnatural spin on the appreciation of art.”
Steve Martin Quote: “She didn’t even finish her last sentence; it just trailed off. I think the subject had changed in her head while her mouth had continued on the old topic, not realizing it was out of supplies.”
Steve Martin Quote: “The overhead lights reflect in the glass countertop and mingle in the gray and black of the gloves, resulting in a mother-of-pearl swirl that sometimes sends Mirabelle into a shallow hypnotic dream.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Doing comedy alone onstage is the ego’s last stand.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I love doing my surreal sing-along that had words that no one could follow.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Only then does he realize what he has done to Mirabelle, how wanting a square inch of her and not all of her has damaged them both, and how he cannot justify his actions except that, well, it was life.”
Steve Martin Quote: “In a sense, this book is not an autobiography but a biography, because I am writing about someone I used to know. Yes, these events are true, yet sometimes they seemed to have happened to someone else, and I often felt like a curious onlooker or someone trying to remember a dream. I ignored my stand-up career for twenty-five years, but now, having finished this memoir, I view this time with surprising warmth. One can have, it turns out, an affection for the war years.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Everything was dragging me toward the arts; even the study of modern philosophy suggested that philosophy was nonsense.”
Steve Martin Quote: “It’s so beautiful where I am today that it makes me wonder where I am.”
Steve Martin Quote: “The dawn breaks everything, including the mood from the night before.”
Steve Martin Quote: “A luxury item is a thing you have that annoys other people that you have it.”
Steve Martin Quote: “Now that I had assigned myself an act without jokes, I gave myself a rule. Never let them know I was bombing.”
Steve Martin Quote: “7 hour sleep diet worked great. Will power held beautifully.”
Steve Martin Quote: “I might not seem like the type who could sit at an outdoor cafe drinking a latte, but I am. Why? No motion required. It’s just sitting. Sitting and sipping. I can’t imagine a neurosis that would prevent one from raising one’s arm to one’s mouth while holding a cup, though given time, I’m sure I could come up with one.”
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