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Charles M. Schulz Quote: “If you’re going to draw a comic strip every day, you’re going to have to draw on every experience in your life.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Well, I know about loneliness. I won’t talk about it, but I was very lonely after the war. I know what it feels like to spend a whole weekend all by yourself and no one wants you at all.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Sucking your thumb without a blanket is like eating a cone without ice cream!”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Look at Charlie Brown’s face. Would you please hold still a minute Charlie Brown? I want Linus to study your face. Now this is what you call a failure face, Linus. Notice how it has failure written all over it. Study it carefully Linus. You rarely see such a good example. Notice the deep lines, the dull vacant look in the eyes. Yes, I would say this is one of the finest examples of a failure face that your liable to see for a long while.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “The only time a dog gets complimented is when he doesn’t do anything.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Cartooning really is just designing.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Never give your heart to a blockhead.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “For a nothing, Charlie Brown, you’re really something!”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Do what is absolutely you and nobody else.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “The hand that controls the supper dish rules the world!”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “People shouldn’t be embarrassed just because they get caught acting a little silly.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Love is letting him win even though you know you could slaughter him.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Dear Valentine, I have thought of you often. Not all the time, but often.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Sometimes I think my soul is full of weeds!”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “A cartoonist is someone who has to draw the same thing day after day without repeating himself.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Cartooning is preaching. And I think we have a right to do some preaching. I hate shallow humor. I hate shallow religious humor, I hate shallow sports humor, I hate shallowness of any kind.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “What’s the sense in having an eclipse if you can’t look at it? Somebody in production sure slipped up this time!”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Lucy’s polls were sometimes kind of violent.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Beethoven can’t really be great because his picture isn’t on a bubble gum card.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “How can I play baseball when I’m worried about foreign policy?”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “I feel sorry for little babies... When a little baby is born into this cold world, he’s confused! He’s frightened! He needs something to cheer him up... The way I see it, as soon as a baby is born, he should be issued a banjo!”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “You sold out! We elected you, and you sold out! The next time we have an election, I think everyone should vote for himself. Or we might just as well vote for Charlie Brown! Yes, next year we may even say, ‘You’re elected, Charlie Brown!”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Good afternoon... My name is Lucy... I’m going to be your right-fielder... Our special today is a misjudged fly-ball. We also have a nice bobbled ground ball and an exellent late throw to the infield... I’ll be back in a moment to take your order.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “I think this is irresponsible preaching and very dangerous, and especially when it is slanted toward children, I think it’s totally irresponsible, because I see nothing biblical that points up to our being in the last days, and I just think it’s an outrageous thing to do, and a lot of people are making a living – they’ve been making a living for 2,000 years – preaching that we’re in the last days.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Oh yes, I’m at my happiest when I have a good idea and I’m drawing it well, and it comes out well and somebody laughs at it.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Snowflakes fascinate me... Millions of them falling gently to the ground... And they say that no two of them are alike! Each one completely different from all the others... The last of the rugged individualists!”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Once when Monty was in kindergarten, I had read to him and was trying to get him to go to sleep. He said he didn’t want to close his eyes because “It’s dark in there.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Everytime there’s a good suggestion, someone brings up the budget.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “You know what I think my best quality is? I think I’m nice to have around. I’d hate it if I weren’t around!”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “I enjoy looking at your face... Whenever I look at your face, a question always comes to my mind... Will man ever succeed in reaching the moon?”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “I used to have more tolerance for these views, but I am losing patience with what I see. The test of anything is the fruit it bears. I see no good fruit being born.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “I never seem to know what’s going on... Right from the very start, my life has been strange. I think I know what happened... I must have missed all the rehearsals.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “A watched supper dish never fills!”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Travel tips: How to avoid carsickness, seasickness and airsickness... Be careful what you eat. And stay home.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Grownups are the ones who puzzle me at Christmastime... Who, but a grownup, would ruin a beautiful holiday season for himself by suddenly attempting to correspond with four hundred people he doesn’t see all year?”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Diciamo che il mio orgoglio aveva l’influenza, ok, Ciccio?”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “There’s our excuse... we’ll blame everything on the round-headed kid!”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “I’ve been thinking... Maybe you’re a mockingbird... Mockingbirds imitate the songs of other birds... No, I’ve never heard of any copyright problems.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “It’s hard to tell everybody to go home if nobody shows up.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “That has to be the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me in my whole life.”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “Il re Luigi II? Beh, sottraendo Luigi XIV da Luigi XVI, si ha Luigi II! Ah, no? Diavolo! Mi pareva una risposta niente male!”
Charles M. Schulz Quote: “To avoid getting sick while travelling, be careful what you eat, and stay home.”
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