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T.J. Klune Quote: “They lived kinkily ever after.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I suppose the best is all one could ask for.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I didn’t know if I could tell the difference between memories and ghosts.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Why doesn’t it?” she snapped. “Why can’t life work whatever way we want it to? What’s the point of living if you only do it how others want you to?” “It’s the best we can do.” She scoffed. “And this is your best? This?”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Humans were foolish. Careless. Cruel. But only a few. Most were full of light.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I love humanity. I love their grace. Their faults. Their idiosyncratic ways. They loved, they hated, they destroyed, and yet there has never been anything like them in all the world.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Joe was Joe was Joe.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “We second-guess everything because it’s in our nature. People with anxiety and depression just tend to do it more.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “The fact I must become a conversationalist in addition to my current duties is vexing.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “That was the danger with knowing and loving others. You always knew things about them to throw back in their faces. I was capable of doing that. Most people are. But it came down to a choice.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “If looks could kill, Vince would have exploded in a blast of meat and blood given the way I glared at him. “I’m.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I’m sure I can amend my report to let DICOMY know that a man of your age took an unhealthy interest in orphaned children. Would that do? Especially if they already pay you to keep quiet, which doesn’t seem something you’re capable of.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “It was just that he felt... dimmer than others. Like he was faded in a crystal-clear world. He wasn’t meant to be seen.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Everything deserves a chance.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Ox?” she asked. “What’s going on?” She looked very tired. “Hey, Mom,” I said. “Why are you crying?” “I’m not.” And I wasn’t, because I was a man now.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I do what I do because I know there’s never been a time in your life when you’ve been more confused or more vulnerable. And if I can do something to at least alleviate that a little bit, then so be it.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I knew my manners. But even the bottoms of my feet were itching to take a step and another and another. I was often at war with myself over the little things. What was right and wrong. What was acceptable and what wasn’t. What my place was and if I belonged.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “That was a thing of beauty. And so disgusting, coming from you. What the hell. Thank you for subjecting me to that. And I hate you.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Yes, well, there’s nothing wrong with having a healthy libido,” I said, trying to figure out if I should write about the time I sat on Ryan’s face or if I should maybe go to church a little bit more. It really could have gone either way.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I seem to suffer from a very serious condition called obliviousness by proximity. It causes screaming and the occasional uncontrollable need to stomp stupid wizards for being stupid.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Gross. I just agreed internally with something Tina said. I reminded myself to run tests when I got home to make sure I hadn’t just been possessed by a demon.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Because even the bravest of us can still be afraid sometimes, so long as we don’t let our fear become all we know.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Why?” she asked as she trembled. “Why do you care so much?” “Because I don’t know how else to be.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “These children are faced with nothing but preconceived notions about who they are. And they grow up to be adults who know only the same. You said it yourself: Lucy wasn’t who you expected him to be, which means you already had decided in your head what he was. How can we fight prejudice if we do nothing to change it? If we allow it to fester, what’s the point?”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I don’t know how to be anyone but who I already am. This is how I’ve always been. It’s not much, but I do the best I can with what I have.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “How can we fight prejudice if we do nothing to change it?”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Lucy and Talia, you are assigned to Mr. Baker.” Lucy and Talia turned their heads slowly in unison, matching smiles on their faces that sent a cold chill down Linus’s spine. He sputtered. “Perhaps we should – I mean, there’s really no need for – I think we should – oh dear.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “He was a tornado of fingers and feet and words. I was caught in the storm.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I would close my eyes and sleep and when I awoke, this would all have been a dream. Even though there was pain, even though I could feel everything, this would be a dream because it couldn’t be real.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Just because a person is capable of wickedness, doesn’t mean they will act upon it.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “But I allow him to dream of such things because he’s a child, and who knows what the future will bring?”
T.J. Klune Quote: “These violent delights have violent ends, and in their triumph die, like fire and powder.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “He liked museums. He tried to go to the history museum near his house at least a few times a year on the weekends. He always found something new in everything so old.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “She shook her head as Zoe slid the van door open. “I’m going to keep them with me tonight. It’s a Gnomish thing. The tools must be in my bed the first night so they know they’ll belong to me.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You’re just not hearing what you want to hear. I know it might be hard to understand, but not everything is about you, Wallace. You have your own story. She has hers. If you’re meant to know what it is, you will.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “A river only moves in one direction.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You’re not dead!” He sounded strangely disappointed. “Leaders give positive reinforcement,” Talia told him. “Oh. Good job not dying!”
T.J. Klune Quote: “They remind me how small we really are in the face of everything.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “We are all unique. Victor is asexual. Giovanni is old. And I have sociopathic tendencies that manifest themselves in dangerous situations.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Searching for a connection. Making something out of nothing so the spaces between us do not seem so far.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “If this is a way station, if this is just one stop on a journey, you’re the better part of it.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Because a life lived is a life worth remembering, no matter how long or short it may be.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “No need for apologies, dear boy. I’m a light sleeper as is.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Grief, he said, is a catalyst. A transformation.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “That explains why you’ve been moping for the last couple of years.” “I haven’t been moping – ” “Kind of moping,” Rico said. “Maybe not all of the time.” “But most of the time,” Tanner said. “He stares off into the distance sometimes,” Chris added helpfully. “With his quiet strength. And his angst.” “I hate all of you,” I said very seriously.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I don’t know you, and you’re kind of scary, but I also want to be like you when I get older? It’s very confusing.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Mr. Parnassus relaxed again. “No. I don’t think you did. And how could you have known? You don’t know him. You don’t know us. You have the files, but they only tell you the basics, I’m sure. Mr. Baker, what’s written in those files are nothing but bones, and we are more than just our bones, are we not?”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Memory, ever-present, a reminder of what was and what could be, if only one was brave enough to reach for it.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “It reminds me of when I was younger. When things made sense.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You’re so used to what you had before that this is scaring you. And it’d be easier to walk away. It would be easier to pretend this never happened. But the things we want in life will never be easy, and if you want it, if you really do, then you need to fight for it with everything you’ve got. It’s only yours to lose, Paul. Only you can make it go away.”
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