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T.J. Klune Quote: “Gary snorted. When he did, little pink and purple sparkles shot out his nose. Being a unicorn is awesome like that.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You want to get a drink later? Maybe after, if you’re lucky, you can finally find out what it means to taste the rainbow.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “A werewolf is courting me with a dead rabbit. There’s nothing subtle here.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Honey bear,” the unicorn said. “You are the gayest thing I’ve seen since I last saw my own reflection.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I don’t care who you are,” he tells me, his voice clear and strong. “I don’t care if you love differently than everyone else. It doesn’t matter because you’re still my brother.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I glanced back at my merry little band of travelers. A hornless gay unicorn. A half-giant. A knight who was a jerk but that I wanted to have for breakfast.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I know you were hurt and have every reason to be angry, but just know that there hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t thought about you and Ty. Maybe that’s my punishment, knowing you are doing well and knowing I had nothing to do with it. For what it’s worth, I’m proud of you, for having done so great despite people breaking their promises to you.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “She sighed. “You’re smarter than you look. That can’t possibly be good.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “We have places to go, people to yell at us and break our hearts, in case you forgot.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “And I’m a Foxy Lady,” Tina said. “Because of reasons.” She stared at his chest. Everyone understood her reasons. Even me.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “That’s not the question you should be asking, though, if this is a dream. The question you should be asking is what you’re going to do now? Because you’re awake?”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Sometimes, Gus didn’t understand how he found himself in the situations that he did. Even if he was the common denominator, he obviously was not at fault. There had to be some other cosmic power that lorded over him. That made sense. Well, a lot of things made sense now that he was high.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I just like looking at nice things. And want to touch them with my mouth.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Mom said, “He didn’t want to sleep with you so he knocked you through a building? That’s rude. He could have just moved on.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Four men walked from among the trees. All of them had their heads shaved. The one in the front, the Alpha, had a beard, dirty blond and full. He was the same size as the other two wolves, large and intimidating, moving with a grace he hadn’t had before. The fourth man moved with them, smaller than the others, but his tattoos were as bright as they’d ever been, the raven fluttering on his arm. They.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Then he started taking off his clothes, so I said, “You’re getting naked?” Because of all the skin. His shirt was already off when he said, “What?” I grasped onto the only thing that made sense. “You’re seventeen!” “Not for too much longer,” he said and his voice was deep. Because he was leering. Instead.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I have things to say to you, Gordo. So many things. Things you might not be ready to hear. But I will mean every word of them. If it gets to the point where I start to go feral –.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Boys can wear makeup,” Tiggy said. “Not just for women. That a social construct.” I.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “All I wanted to do was come home, because without you, I don’t have a home.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I squawked attractively. Okay. That was a lie. There is no way to squawk attractively. It was rather unattractive. Arms flailing, legs kicking. It was just awful.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Screw anyone who doesn’t think we’re capable, because we’re gonna make this world a better place, with or without their help. And to those who will try and silence us, a message: you will fail, and fail hard. There is nothing we can’t do. There is nothing I can’t do. And I plan on showing you just that.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “It should have been obvious. It should have been obvious what they were, but then I wasn’t looking for the incredible buried in the ordinary.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “He gave me a lot, but it would have never been enough.” He looks thoughtful as he gazes back down at me. “It would never have been enough,” he tells me,” because it would never have been you.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I said, “I have bad dreams too. But then I remember I’m awake and that the bad dreams can’t follow me when I’m awake. And then I feel better.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “So I said, “Goddammit,” and hugged it out with the both of them, because feelings.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You can’t own what belongs to the world.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “One thing that they don’t tell you is that fires can’t burn bright forever.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “The first time you share tea, you are a stranger. The second time you share tea, you are an honored guest. The third time you share tea, you become family.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Dragons,” I said. “They’re hoarders. They keep the things they think are pretty. Gold and jewels. In this case, Justin. To each his own, I guess.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “The third day, he wasn’t on the road. I wanted to feel relieved. Instead, I was disappointed. Until I got home. Mom had had the day off, the first in a long while. So, of course, she was home when I got there. And so was Joe. Sitting at our kitchen table. Wearing dress pants, a dress shirt. And a bow tie. Which, unbeknownst to me, turned out to be one of my greatest weaknesses. I.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Sometimes volume is needed to get through thick skulls.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Mark was watching me. “What?” I asked, still chuckling. He shook his head slowly. “Uh – nothing. I just – it’s nice. Hearing you. Like this. I like it. When you laugh.” Then he blushed furiously and looked away.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Then Rico said, “Okay, like. No offense, papi. You know I love you. Bros for life, and all that. But did you go a little nuts in your head from the mystical moon magic? Because it seems like you went a little nuts in your head from the mystical moon magic.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I totally don’t love you too, Papa Bear,” and then his mouth is on mine, and for a moment, that blissful feeling is back, but this time it’s accompanied by something else, something that feels strangely like the sun.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Hi, my name is Ryan Foxheart. Oh no! There’s danger afoot! Let me pull out my sword and pose.” I mimed pulling a sword from my side and cocked an eyebrow. “Notice how dashing I am. And immaculate. And today, my hair is parted on the right. Wink.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Somewhere, a bird sang a song that ached.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I’m angry,” I admitted. “So angry.” “I know,” she said, squeezing my hands. “It’s why we’re dancing. I find it hard to be angry when I’m dancing. There’s just something about it that doesn’t foster rage.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You think yourself alone. You think yourself lost. We wanted to show you that there was so much more than this place. We didn’t come to hurt you. We didn’t come to save you. Only you can do that. We came to be your friend. To make you understand that, in the end, you are never alone.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Robert Redford is like cheese: he ages well and I want to put him in my mouth.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “He bent his head down, running his nose along my cheek. My neck. Behind my ear, huffing his scent onto me like he hadn’t done since he’d become the Alpha. I loved it. And him. But.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You make me feel like I’m burning up from the inside out.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You might be the only one Otter will listen to, but I know for a fact hes the only one you listen to.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “This is for life. When the wolf attaches, it is for life.” “I.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Oh boy,” the unicorn said. “You do that, Robert Smith.” I frowned at him. “Who?” The unicorn shook his head. “This guy I knew. Crazy hair. Sad all the time. Used to sing about it. It got old real fast. Before your time.” Whatever. It was probably stupid old people music, anyway.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Oh, Sam. Sam, Sam, Sam. You know nothing about dragons, do you? Wow. How the hell are we your destiny? You poor, poor sexy man-child. I feel bad for you. And slightly aroused. But mostly bad. And aroused.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “We are literally the gayest pack that has ever existed,” Rico said to no one in particular. “I see no problem with this.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Hate is a waste of time. I’m far too busy to hate anything. I prefer it that way.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “It’s been said by many people that I look like I know what I’m doing.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “They fear what they don’t understand. And that fear turns to hate for reasons I’m sure even they can’t begin to comprehend. And since they don’t understand the children, since they fear them, they hate them.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Someone, my mother had said. Make someone very happy. Not a her. But someone. I.”
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