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Top 200 T.J. Klune Quotes (2023 Update)

T.J. Klune Quote: “People suck, but sometimes, they should just drown in their own suckage without our help.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You can plan for life, but life always has plans of its own.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “A home isn’t always the house we live in. It’s also the people we choose to surround ourselves with.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I’ll never understand why people just won’t let others be who they are. It’s not like it’s affecting them in any way.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I may have lost my mind,” he told her. “Isn’t it wonderful?”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I believe in a lot of things. They don’t have to be real for everyone, just as long as they’re real for me.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You follow your heart because one day, it’ll lead you home.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “We should always make time for the things we like. If we don’t, we might forget how to be happy.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Hate is loud, but I think you’ll learn it’s because it’s only a few people shouting, desperate to be heard. You might not ever be able to change their minds, but so long as your remember you’re not alone, you will overcome.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “It’s the little things, I expect. Little treasures we find without knowing their origin. And they come when we least expect them. It’s beautiful, when you think about it.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Change often starts with the smallest of whispers. Like-minded people building it up to a roar.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Your voice is a weapon. Never forget that.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “We get trapped in our own little bubbles, and even though the world is a wide and mysterious place, our bubbles keep us safe from that. To our detriment.” She sighed. “But it’s so easy because there’s something soothing about routine. Day in and day out, it’s always the same. When we’re shaken from that, when that bubble bursts, it can be hard to understand all that we’ve missed.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You were the only thing that made me feel safe when the earthquakes threatened to break me. I needed you here because when you’re not here, I don’t have a home.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “There are moments in your life so profound, so extraordinarily crystal clear that even the remembrance of them is enough to feel like you’re being consumed by fire. Moments that might not mean much to anyone else, but mean the world to you.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I am eighty-three years old, but I only remember the last seventy-one years. You see, when I was twelve, I met a blue-eyed boy and fell in love. I can only remember the last seventy-one years because anythin’ before that day don’t matter. Nothin’ that came before could compare to anythin’ that came after. I wasn’t truly alive until he looked at me for the first time. And from then on, even if I didn’t know how it was possible, I knew he was mine. And he has been. Every day he has been.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Everything dies, Sam,” Zero said lightly. “It’s the price we pay for being alive.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You’ve broken my heart, but it was mine to give.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “That’s the thing, Gussy. Some choices hurt. Some decisions hurt. But the only reason they hurt is because you care about them so much. You were my good decision, Gustavo. My right one. I’ve always thought so.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Good-bye, self-esteem and fuzzy feelings. It was so nice to make your acquaintance.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Paul?” “Yeah?” “Don’t take this the wrong way.” I tried not to flinch. Here it comes. Vince sighed. “I think I’m going to fall in love with you.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I started with one squirt but didn’t think that was enough, so I ended up accidentally spraying on six more. I went back to the beach to wait, smelling like a department-store tragedy.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “My love!” Kevin said. “You must rise. Get up! Get up so far into the future, we can meet and I can go to your bakery and eat the royal hell out of your croissants!”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I’m a dragon, and maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll be dragon my balls across your face later.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “It was weird to have a straight crush on a lady. But I powered through it.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “A simple hello could lead to a million things. “Yeah,” Gus said. “Like herpes or getting fisted.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Time is a river, I’ve learned. Always moving forward. But for people like me, people who have loved and lost, the river is something we fight. We swim against the current, trying to get back to the way we once were, trying to hold onto anything to keep us from getting swept away. It’s exhausting and eventually we tire. Still we push on.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You’re not broken.” He said, “You don’t know that.” I said, “I do. You’re alive. If you can take another breath, if you can take another step, then you’re not broken. Battered, maybe. Bruised. Cracked. But never broken.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “The world likes to see things in black and white, in moral and immoral. But there is gray in between. And just because a person is capable of wickedness, doesen’t mean they will act upon it.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Sometimes our prejudices color our thoughts when we least expect them to. If we can recognize that, and learn from it, we can become better people.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “A home isn’t always the house we live in. It’s also the people we choose to surround ourselves with. You may not live on the island, but you can’t tell me it’s not your home. Your bubble, Mr. Baker. It’s been popped. Why would you allow it to grow around you again?”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Humanity is so weird. If we’re not laughing, we’re crying or running for our lives because monsters are trying to eat us. And they don’t even have to be real monsters. They could be the ones we make up in our heads. Don’t you think that’s weird?”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Eric pressed himself against me, a long hot line of sweat and flesh. There was a roll of his hips against mine and I said, “Wow.” He laughed. The.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “There’s a choice. There’s always a choice. My wolf chose you. I chose you. And if you don’t choose me, then that’s your choice and I will walk out of here knowing you got to choose your own path. But I swear to god, if you choose me, I will make sure that you know the weight of your worth every day for the rest of our lives because that’s what this is.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “And one day I hope you get to love someone like I love you. If you do, and I know you will, you make sure you never let that go. It’ll be scary, but it’ll be the best thing that’s ever happened to you if you let it.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Just because you don’t experience prejudice in your everyday doesn’t stop it from existing for the rest of us.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “He’d accepted long ago that some people, no matter how good their heart was or how much love they had to give, would always be alone. It was their lot in life, and Linus had figured out, at the age of twenty-seven, that it seemed to be that way for him.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Instead I said, “Flora Bora Slam, mothercrackers.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I was a speck of sand on an infinite beach, waiting for the tide to come in and wash me away. And here he was, the ocean, the waves, and I drowned in him.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You want to know what it feels like to be castrated? Try having your nine-year-old brother protect you from your ex-girlfriend after you’ve told her you’re in love with a man.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I was too busy writing sad ballads to unrequited love in my head and planning a life where my hand would be my boyfriend.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “A travesty of epic proportions,” Tock agreed. “How much you wanna bet they couldn’t even turn the computer on?”
T.J. Klune Quote: “My future,” Joe said, “is Ox.” Ah god, that made me ache. “Is that so?” Mom asked. “How do you figure?” “He’s really nice,” Joe said seriously. “And smells good. And he makes me happy. And I want to do nothing more than put my mouth on him.” “Ah.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “When something is broken, you can put it back together. It may not fit quite the same, or work like it did once before, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer useful.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I sit here, day after day, waiting for release. Waiting for death. Because I know when my heart no longer beats, my beloved will be waiting for me, and we will howl together in the stars.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “Do you have any tattoos?” “No? I mean, almost everyone I know does, but needles scare me, so I don’t have any. I mean, why would you want to sit in a chair and get repeatedly stabbed –.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “I would do anything to make you happy because no one had ever smelled like you did. It was candy canes and pinecones. It was epic and awesome. and it was home.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “But if you worry too much about all the things you could be, you’ll miss out on all the things you actually are.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “You can’t hide your head in the sand without expecting your ass to get burned.”
T.J. Klune Quote: “So I said Malakasham and Flora Bora Slam and Abra Wham, because everyone knew that you had to say magic words until magic happened.”
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