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Will Rogers Quotes
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Will Rogers Quote: “People don’t change under governments. Governments change. People remain the same.”
Will Rogers Quote: “She was so ugly she could make a mule back away from an oat bin.”
Will Rogers Quote: “There is something about a Republican that you can only stand him just so long; and on the other hand, there is something about a Democrat that you can’t stand him quite that long.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The trip across Arizona is just one oasis after another. You can just throw anything out and it will grow there, I like Arizona.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Every guy looks in his pocket and then votes.”
Will Rogers Quote: “If you got a dollar, soak it away, put it in a savings bank, bury it, do anything but spend it. Spending when we didn’t have it put us where we are today. Saving when we’ve got it will get us back to where we was before we went cuckoo.”
Will Rogers Quote: “There is not a better day in the world to be spent than with a lot of wise old cowmen around barbecued beef, black coffee and good free holy beans.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Many a politician wishes there was a law to burn old records.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Just read the farm relief bill. It’s just a political version of Einstein’s last theory. If a farmer could understand it, he certainly would know more than to farm. He would be a professor at Harvard.”
Will Rogers Quote: “You can’t legitimately kick on income tax, for it’s on what you have made. You have already made it. But, look at land, farms, homes, stores, vacant lots. You pay year after year on them whether you make it or not.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Candidates have been telling you that if elected they would ‘pull you from this bog hole of financial misery.’ Now is a good chance to get even with ’em, by electing ’em, just to prove what a liar they are.”
Will Rogers Quote: “President Coolidge said, ‘I don’t want the Government to go into business.’ Well, if I was Mr. Coolidge I wouldn’t worry over that. The Government never has been accused of being a business man.”
Will Rogers Quote: “They are having quite an argument over Treasury Secretary Mellon’s Tax Bill. Mr. Mellon wants to cut the surtax on the rich, and leave it as is on the poor, as there is more poor than rich. I suppose the majority will win.”
Will Rogers Quote: “A conference is just an admission that you want somebody to join you in your troubles.”
Will Rogers Quote: “It is awful hard to get people interested in corruption unless they can get some of it.”
Will Rogers Quote: “There ought to be one day – just one – when there is open season on senators.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The government says they have loaned over One Billion dollars to the Farmers. In other words, we can’t help you make any money, but we will show you where you can owe some more.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Communism to me is one-third practice and two-thirds explanation.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Say, did you read what this writer just dug up in George Washington’s diary? I was so ashamed I sat up all night reading it.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The minute a thing is long and complicated, it confuses. Whoever wrote the Ten Commandments made ’em short. They may not always be kept, but they are understood.”
Will Rogers Quote: “That’s the trouble with a politician’s life-somebody is always interrupting it with an election.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Labor leaders don’t do much laboring after they are able to lead.”
Will Rogers Quote: “There will never be a time when the old horse is not superior to any auto ever made.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Farmers spend more time at Conventions than they do plowing.”
Will Rogers Quote: “How is the government going to get the extra taxes? Out of the rich, or just out of the poor, as usual?”
Will Rogers Quote: “Americans will feed anyone that’s not close to them.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Farmers, get out your sense of humor. Congress meets to relieve you again next week.”
Will Rogers Quote: “There is nothing as easy as denouncing. It don’t take much to see that something is wrong, but it does take some eyesight to see what will put it right again.”
Will Rogers Quote: “I wonder if it isn’t just cowardice instead of generosity that makes us give tips.”
Will Rogers Quote: “There wasn’t any more truth in over half of what any so-called orator said. If it wasn’t a Deliberate Lie, why it was an Exaggerated Falsehood.”
Will Rogers Quote: “I have a scheme for stopping war. It’s this – no nation is allowed to enter a war till they have paid for the last one.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Local conservation programs can help our communities shape thoughtful growth.”
Will Rogers Quote: “An economist’s guess is liable to be as good as anybody else’s.”
Will Rogers Quote: “There is a terrible lot of us who don’t think that we come from a monkey, but if there are some people who think that they do, why, it’s not our business to rob them of what little pleasure they might get out of imagining it.”
Will Rogers Quote: “If you eliminate the names of Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt, Jackson and Wilson, both conventions would get out three days earlier.”
Will Rogers Quote: “There is nothing that sets a nation back as far in civilization as prosperity.”
Will Rogers Quote: “In the Middle West now you got to put a brand on your soil, then in the Spring go on a round-up looking for it.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Horsemanship through the history of all nations has been considered one of the highest accomplishments. You can’t pass a park without seeing a statue of some old codger on a horse. It must be to his bravery, you can tell it’s not to his horsemanship.”
Will Rogers Quote: “But we can’t alibi all our ills by just knocking the old banker. First he loaned the money, then the people all at once wanted it back, and he didn’t have it. Now he’s got it again, and is afraid to loan it, so the poor devil don’t know what to do.”
Will Rogers Quote: “We know lots of things we didn’t use to know but we don’t know any way to prevent ’em from happening.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Coolidge has the best idea on this farm relief. He said, ‘Farmers, you are in a hole. I can’t help you, but I will get in with you.’ He did. That made it fine so the farmers were satisfied as long as Coolidge was going to get in with them.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Every land or property owner in America would be tickled to death to pay 45 per cent of his profits, if he didn’t have to pay anything if he didn’t make it.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Senators are a never-ending source of amusement, amazement, and discouragement.”
Will Rogers Quote: “It will take America fifteen years of steady taking care of our own business and letting everybody else’s alone, to get us back to where everybody speaks to us again.”
Will Rogers Quote: “One thing I will say about the Germans, they are always perfectly willing to give somebody’s land to somebody else.”
Will Rogers Quote: “American invents everything, but the trouble is we get tired of it the minute the new is wore off.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The Republicans have a habit of having three bad years and one good one, and the good one always happens to be election years.”
Will Rogers Quote: “They used to take your horse and if they were caught they got hung for it. Now they take your car, and if they are caught it’s a miracle.”
Will Rogers Quote: “In Washington, one man could do what ten of them do. Things kinder run themselves, anyhow.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Take the diplomacy out of war and the thing would fall flat in a week.”
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