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Will Rogers Quotes
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Will Rogers Quote: “Hundreds and hundreds of beautiful horses in the parade and a man without a silver saddle is a vagrant.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Shrewdness in public life all over the world is always honored, while honesty in public men is generally attributed to dumbness and is seldom rewarded.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The budget is like a mythical bean bag. Congress votes mythical beans into it, then reaches in and tries to pull real ones out.”
Will Rogers Quote: “This would be a great world to dance in if we didn’t have to pay the fiddler.”
Will Rogers Quote: “In all your life, you will never find a method more effective in getting through to another person than to make that person feel important.”
Will Rogers Quote: “My own mother died when I was 10 years old. My folks have told me that what little humor I have comes from her. I can’t remember her humor, but I can remember her love and understanding of me.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The Supreme Court is divided almost in half on the decisions. Talk about an international court. How would we ever agree with a lot of foreigners when we can’t even agree among our own judges?”
Will Rogers Quote: “The American people are a very generous people and will forgive almost any weakness, with the possible, exception of stupidity.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The only way to solve the traffic problems of the country is to pass a law that only paid-for cars are allowed to use the highways. That would make traffic so scarce, we could use our boulevards for children’s playgrounds.”
Will Rogers Quote: “If you can build a business up big enough, it’s respectable.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Everything worthwhile is a good idea, but did you ever notice there is more bad ideas that will work than there is good ones?”
Will Rogers Quote: “There isn’t any finer folks living than a Republican that votes the Democratic ticket.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Well, the disarmament conference is off to a flying start. There is nothing to prevent their succeeding now but human nature.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Don’t gamble; take all your savings and buy some good stock and hold it till it goes up, then sell it. If it don’t go up, don’t buy it.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Horses raise what the farmer eats and eats what the farmer raises. You can’t plow the ground and get gasoline.”
Will Rogers Quote: “I represent what is left of a vanishing race, and that is the pedestrian. That I am still able to be here, I owe to a keen eye and a nimble pair of legs. But I know they’ll get me someday.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Our country has plenty of five-cent cigars, but the trouble is they charge fifteen cents for them.”
Will Rogers Quote: “I’ll bet you the time ain’t far off when a woman won’t know any more than a man.”
Will Rogers Quote: “About all I can say for the United States Senate is that it opens with a prayer and closes with an investigation.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Every time we have an election, we get in worse men and the country keeps right on going. Times have proven only one thing and that is you can’t ruin this country even with politics.”
Will Rogers Quote: “There is two things that can disrupt business in this country. One is War, and the other is a meeting of the Federal Reserve Bank.”
Will Rogers Quote: “This country has gotten where it is in spite of politics, not by the aid of it. That we have carried as much political bunk as we have and still survived shows we are a super nation.”
Will Rogers Quote: “One-third of the people in the United States promote, while the other two-thirds provide.”
Will Rogers Quote: “If we got one-tenth of what was promised to us in these acceptance speeches there wouldn’t be any inducement to go to heaven.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Does college pay? They do if you are a good open-field runner.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The best way to make a fire with two sticks is to make sure one of them is a match.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The old horse is coming back in a high lope. Thousands of people are riding a horse today that five years ago couldn’t sit in a Ford with all the doors locked.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Civilization has taught us to eat with a fork, but even now if nobody is around we use our fingers.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Parades should be classed as a nuisance and participants should be subject to a term in prison.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Government spending? I don’t know what it’s all about. I don’t know any more about this thing than an economist does, and, God knows, he doesn’t know much.”
Will Rogers Quote: “I hope we never live to see the day when a thing is as bad as some of our newspapers make it.”
Will Rogers Quote: “There is no more interesting place in the world to meet characters than a movie set.”
Will Rogers Quote: “It looks to me like the candidates are trying to relieve the farmer of his vote, instead of his debts.”
Will Rogers Quote: “You could transfer Congress over to run Standard Oil or General Motors, and they would have both things bankrupt in two years.”
Will Rogers Quote: “A liberal is a man who wants to use his own ideas on things in preference to generations who he knows know more than he does.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Politics is not worrying this country one-tenth as much as where to find a parking space.”
Will Rogers Quote: “A man that don’t love a horse, there is something the matter with him.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Politicians are just a bunch of local bandits, sent by their local voters to raid the public treasury.”
Will Rogers Quote: “I argue with wife over what little pieces of real estate investments we should try to pay on and hold, and which to let go back. We always said, “Put it in land, and you can always walk on it.” We did, but no buyers would walk on it with us.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The Schools ain’t what they used to be and never was.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The 1928 Republican Convention opened with a prayer. If the Lord can see His way clear to bless the Republican Party the way it’s been carrying on, then the rest of us ought to get it without even asking.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The only real diplomacy ever performed by a diplomat is in deceiving their own people after their dumbness has got them into a war.”
Will Rogers Quote: “I am proud of the fact there is not a human being that I have got it in for. I never met a man I didn’t like.”
Will Rogers Quote: “People love high ideals, but they got to be about 33-percent plausible.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Be a politician; no training necessary.”
Will Rogers Quote: “It would drive a person crazy to dope out really what does divide the two parties. Prosperity don’t divide the two parties, for under either administration the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.”
Will Rogers Quote: “You have to have a serious streak in you, or you can’t see the funny side of the other fellow.”
Will Rogers Quote: “In Europe public men do resign. But here it’s a lost art. You have to impeach ’em.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Do anything in this world but monkey with somebody eles’s religion. What reasoning of conceit makes anyone think theirs is right?”
Will Rogers Quote: “The fellow that can only see a week ahead is always the popular fellow, for he is looking with the crowd. But the one that can see years ahead, he has a telescope but he can’t make anybody believe that he has it.”
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