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Will Rogers Quotes
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Will Rogers Quote: “Even when you make a tax form out on the level, you don’t know when it’s through if you are a crook or a martyr.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Any person that don’t read at least one well-written country newspaper is not truly informed.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Wish all the Farmers would move to town one year, that’s the only way I know to clear the thing up.”
Will Rogers Quote: “A holding company is the people you give your money to while you’re being searched.”
Will Rogers Quote: “You could be the World’s greatest orator and if you don’t say anything while orating, they are going to walk out on you after a while.”
Will Rogers Quote: “It costs ten times more to govern us than it used to, and we are not governed one-tenth as good.”
Will Rogers Quote: “America is a great country, but you can’t live in it for nothing.”
Will Rogers Quote: “I see by the papers that they are going to do away with all the nuisance taxes. That means that a man can get a marriage license for nothing.”
Will Rogers Quote: “George Washington was quite a farmer. He was a farmer, Civil Engineer and gentleman. He made enough at civil engineering to indulge in both the other luxuries.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Rotation of crops and less automobiles will relieve the farmers whenever they decide to try it.”
Will Rogers Quote: “There is a tremendous movement on to get lower taxes on earned incomes. Then will come the real problem, ‘Who among us on salary are earning our income?’”
Will Rogers Quote: “If I could kick the person in the tail that causes me the most problems I could not sit down for a week.”
Will Rogers Quote: “I have always noticed that people will never laugh at anything that is not based on truth.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Work to make a living; serve to make a life.”
Will Rogers Quote: “I never took a human life, I only sold the fellow the gun to take it with.”
Will Rogers Quote: “People want just taxes more than they want lower taxes. They want to know that every man is paying his proportionate share according to his wealth.”
Will Rogers Quote: “When you figure it right down, none of us are in a really essential business but the farmer, and he raises so much that even his business is partly non-essential.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Samuel Gompers has spent his life trying to keep labor from working too hard and has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.”
Will Rogers Quote: “In Hollywood you can see things at night that are fast enough to be in the Olympics in the day time.”
Will Rogers Quote: “It’s the fellow who knows when to quit that the audience wants more of.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Fanatical religion driven to a certain point is almost as bad as none at all, but not quite.”
Will Rogers Quote: “If this depression stays with us, the loser Tuesday is going to be the winner.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The reason political party platforms are so long is that when you straddle anything it takes a long time to explain it.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The deer season just opened. A deer hunter in Ventura Country brought in his first man yesterday.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Every man gets an opportunity once in a lifetime.”
Will Rogers Quote: “I have a scheme for stopping war. It’s this – no nation is allowed to enter a war till they have paid for the last one.”
Will Rogers Quote: “If you ever injected truth into politics you would have no politics.”
Will Rogers Quote: “If we have Senators and Congressmen there that can’t protect themselves against the evil temptations of lobbyists, we don’t need to change our lobbies, we need to change our representatives.”
Will Rogers Quote: “So the question rises: How much liberty can you get away with? Well, you get no more liberty than you give!”
Will Rogers Quote: “Where I come from, they won’t let me play with this rope. They think I might hurt myself.”
Will Rogers Quote: “If you don’t have malice in our heart, it doesn’t come across harsh.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Your mothers get mighty shocked at you girls nowadays, but in her day, her mother was just on the verge of sending her to reform school.”
Will Rogers Quote: “You have a wonderful organization. I understand you have ten thousand here. And if you count the ones in the various federal prisons, it brings your total membership up to around thirty thousand.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Successful colleges will start laying plans for a new stadium; unsuccessful ones will start hunting a new coach.”
Will Rogers Quote: “This session of Congress is also to relieve the farmer again, relieve him of any encouragement that he might have received during the last one.”
Will Rogers Quote: “It rained in the Middle West. Farmers are learning that the relief they get from the sky beats what they get from Washington.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Banking and after-dinner speaking are two of the most nonessential industries we have in this country. I am ready to reform, if they are.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Our public men are speaking every day on something, but they ain’t saying anything.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Our financial ills will never be settled till you fix it so every man will pay an income tax on what he earns, be it a farm, grocery store or municipal or government bonds.”
Will Rogers Quote: “This stuff they are talking here in Congress costs the people of the United States $44 a page. That’s beside what it costs to ship it to the asylums where it’s read.”
Will Rogers Quote: “The country has gone sane and got back to horses.”
Will Rogers Quote: “People don’t change under governments. Governments change. People remain the same.”
Will Rogers Quote: “She was so ugly she could make a mule back away from an oat bin.”
Will Rogers Quote: “There is something about a Republican that you can only stand him just so long; and on the other hand, there is something about a Democrat that you can’t stand him quite that long.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Every guy looks in his pocket and then votes.”
Will Rogers Quote: “If you got a dollar, soak it away, put it in a savings bank, bury it, do anything but spend it. Spending when we didn’t have it put us where we are today. Saving when we’ve got it will get us back to where we was before we went cuckoo.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Many a politician wishes there was a law to burn old records.”
Will Rogers Quote: “You can’t legitimately kick on income tax, for it’s on what you have made. You have already made it. But, look at land, farms, homes, stores, vacant lots. You pay year after year on them whether you make it or not.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Take the diplomacy out of war and the thing would fall flat in a week.”
Will Rogers Quote: “Candidates have been telling you that if elected they would ‘pull you from this bog hole of financial misery.’ Now is a good chance to get even with ’em, by electing ’em, just to prove what a liar they are.”
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