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Darynda Jones Quote: “I didn’t realize until I locked the door to my apartment and leaned against it, panting that my cheeks were covered in frozen tears. I was such an idiot. And my heart hurt. Bad. Every beat sent an ache rocketing through my body. I was having a heart attack. Or, more likely, my heart had just broken.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Her dad shows up, and instead of getting mad at Denise, he wraps his arm around her and helps her to his car like she’s crippled. I could’ve crippled her. Missed my chance.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “While the goal of a book is to create a positive emotional experience for the reader, the goal of the opening is to set the stage, to pull the reader in.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “I’d tried to be washed of my sin once, but I ran out of Dial. Tricky business, that.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “You know, I was thinking about my in-laws.” I strolled closer, craving his heat. And his scent. And the power that continuously hummed through him like an infinite source of energy. “You know, from your supernatural side? By being married to you, I am Satan’s daughter-in-law, Jehova’s sister-in-law, and Jesus’s aunt by marriage.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “He was like a panther in the wild. Beautiful to look at. Far too dangerous to approach.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “There are two night guards here, and I’m not sure which one is on duty. If it’s the female, Garrett’s on. If it’s the male, this whole thing will rest in your hands, Osh.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “I tried to roll out of Reyes’s arms. He tightened his hold. I tried to lift an arm off me, but he clasped his fingers, essentially locking me in. “Reyes,” I said, stifling a giggle, “I know you’re awake. You can give up the game.” “Never,” he said into his pillow.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “You almost exploded. Which, thank goodness, you didn’t. You’d never have come out of Garrett’s carpet.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “I made a decision long ago not to make any apologies. Romance rocks, and even though my books don’t actually fall into the romance genre, I tout them as very much being about the romance. It’s fun. We’re all obsessed with it. And it’s human nature. Remember, NO APOLOGIES! Write what ’s in your heart!”
Darynda Jones Quote: “The horror that riveted through me, the absolute terror with a taint of nausea, stunned me speechless for three, maybe four seconds. I put the mug down and made a cross with my fingers, screaming, “Death before decaf!” as Garrett poured himself a cup. The fool.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “What you should be asking yourself,” he said, indicating Mr. Wong with a nod as the departed man hovered in my corner, “is why a being that ungodly powerful is hanging out in your apartment.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Damn it, I needed The Idiot’s Guide to Grim Reaperism.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “It would be a miracle to solve this case. Luckily, I believed in miracles. No, wait, that was testicles. I believed in testicles.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours. – BUMPER STICKER.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Clothes? sufficient Keys? found ’em Coffee cup? full Sanity? sanity? – T-SHIRT.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “I was starting to wonder if repetitive exposure to nightly hallucinations resulting in earth-shattering climaxes could have any long-term side effects.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Love was not only blind, it often careened into Blithering Idiotsville as well.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “What in the name of Zeus’s testicles?”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Even from a distance you burn, you scorch anyone who gets too close.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “His gaze rested on my mouth before making its way to my eyes again. “You could ask for the world, and then where would civilization be when I conquered it and laid it at your feet?”
Darynda Jones Quote: “We don’t read to observe the character from a distance. We read to become the character and experience the conflicts and rewards they are experiencing.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Garret Swopes was a lot like a hot gay friend only he wasn’t gay, which was too bad because then I could tell him how hot he was without him getting the wrong idea.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “And just how, exactly, do you feed off the souls of humans? Is it like a vitamin-deficiency thing?”
Darynda Jones Quote: “If each day is a gift, can I return last Monday?”
Darynda Jones Quote: “I love language, words, and all the lovely, exciting, and heart wrenching things you can do with them. Pick the right ones, put them in the right order, and you’ve created a moment in time where the reader forgets about the late car payment, the dirty dishes, the impending workweek. You have created a state of bliss. Or negligence, depending on your perspective.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “As far as superpowers went, if a vengeful madman hopped up on 24-Hour Sudafed and wielding a broadsword named Thor’s Morning Wood ever attacked us, we were screwed. Six ways to Sunday.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Thrilled that Reyes and I were outside, and taking that as her cue to get her freak on, Artemis ran around like a gerbil on meth, turning occasionally to make sure we were still watching. And God help us if we weren’t.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “This situation nailed why reality TV was such a hit. The human appetite to witness tragedy, to observe the subtle difference between pain and anguish, to see each emotion twist the features of a normally smiling face, was irresistible. It wasn’t their fault. A certain amount of morbidity was innate in each of us, part of our biological makeup, our DNA.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Cookie’s cousin Lucille, for example. Or her second cousins. Or her uncle on her mother’s side. Her whole family, in fact, was a Harvard study waiting to happen.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “I stretched as those three little words that every girl longs to hear slipped from his mouth with effortless ease. As though they did it every day. As Though they didn’t mean the world to me. With one corner of his mouth tipping sensually, he asked, “Want some coffee?” And I fell. I fell hard.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “That Reyes Farrow boy.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Amador and Bianca have a great life that I’m only a little jealous of. They have two kids they bring to see me. His daughter, Ashlee, is almost five now. She has asked me to marry her when I get out. It feels kind of weird since she calls me Uncle Reyes and incest is frowned upon, but who am I to argue with true love?”
Darynda Jones Quote: “I also become the local computer nerd. The administration brings me in to fix all the computers, I create viruses to invade at a specific day and time. They call me in, and I eradicate my own virus, only to plant another one to go into effect a couple months later. They ask me why I can’t just fix the computers once and for all. I tell them to quit going to porn sites and it will stay fixed. That shuts them up every time.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “I can hear other things, too. Before you came around, I had no idea a man could make a girl scream like that. Reyes seems very talented.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Hey, I could be your assistant! I’d be an Assistant Serial Killer Serial Killer. I’d be an Ass. Or do I need the Ks in there? Because that wouldn’t sound nearly as cool.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “I guess it’s a good thing you can have a relationship with a departed,” he said. “Why’s that?” “We can still see each other after I die.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “When the men started to argue about the logistics of my devouring my own husband, which screamed cannibal in my humble opinion, my temper soared.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “After searching for a space, I parked behind the tattoo parlor in front of a sign that said NO PARKING. Since it didn’t specify to whom it was referring, I figured it couldn’t possibly be talking to me.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Cool. I could live vicariously through a Catholic priest. A thought that rarely occurred to me, for obvious reasons. I.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Let me express how much I don’t care on a scale from one to bite me.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “I was white. Chalk had more color than I did. And quite possibly more personality.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Of all the strange events in my life, that was by far the weirdest I’d had in hours.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “If you can master the opening, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “He had threatened my parents. I had to remember that. Still, it was really hard to stay mad at a wounded naked man.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Cook, at that moment in time, I would have sold my body for a mocha latte.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “It pained me to imagine who she would have become, given the chance. For the life to be ripped away from someone so young just seemed so terribly, terribly unfair. “Because you’re going to die soon.” On second thought, maybe she was better off. Away from other people and most sharp objects. I had a sneaking suspicion she would have become a serial killer. Or a telemarketer. Either way.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Death via extreme pleasure was a serious concern.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Roda?” asked, combining his name with Yoda’s.”
Darynda Jones Quote: “Aw. She thought I was fruity. I got that a lot.”
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