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George Burns Quotes

George Burns Quote: “Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed.”
George Burns Quote: “I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.”
George Burns Quote: “I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.”
George Burns Quote: “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.”
George Burns Quote: “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”
George Burns Quote: “Be quick to learn and wise to know.”
George Burns Quote: “I find you have to take each day as it comes and be thankful for who’s left and whatever you can still do.”
George Burns Quote: “I don’t have a drinking problem. I drink. I get drunk. I fall down, no problem.”
George Burns Quote: “I don’t worry about getting old. I’m old already. Only young people worry about getting old.”
George Burns Quote: “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.”
George Burns Quote: “Happiness? A good cigar, a good meal, a good cigar and a good woman – or a bad woman; it depends on how much happiness you can handle.”
George Burns Quote: “I was brought up to respect my elders, so now I don’t have to respect anybody.”
George Burns Quote: “Young. Old. Just words. Inside we feel like our shoe size.”
George Burns Quote: “When I was a boy the Dead Sea was only sick.”
George Burns Quote: “There’s an old saying, ‘Life begins at forty.’ That’s silly. Life begins every morning you wake up.”
George Burns Quote: “Everything that goes up must come down. But there comes a time when not everything that’s down can come up.”
George Burns Quote: “My best advice: Fall in love with what you do for a living.”
George Burns Quote: “Fall in love with what you’re going to do for a living. To be able to get out of bed and do what you love to do for the rest of the day is beyond words. I’d rather be a failure in something I love than be successful in something I hate.”
George Burns Quote: “If I had taken my doctor’s advice and quit smoking when he advised me to, I wouldn’t have lived to go to his funeral.”
George Burns Quote: “I never go jogging, it makes me spill my martini.”
George Burns Quote: “Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”
George Burns Quote: “If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.”
George Burns Quote: “First you forget names, then you forget faces. Next you forget to pull your zipper up and finally, you forget to pull it down.”
George Burns Quote: “Love is a lot like a backache. It doesn’t show up on x-rays, but you know it’s there.”
George Burns Quote: “And God said ‘Let there be Satan, so people don’t blame everything on me. And let there be lawyers, so people don’t blame everything on Satan.’”
George Burns Quote: “The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending, then having the two as close together as possible.”
George Burns Quote: “When you stop giving and offering something to the rest of the world, it’s time to turn out the lights.”
George Burns Quote: “There will always be a battle between the sexes because men and women want different things. Men want women and women want men.”
George Burns Quote: “As long as you’re working, you stay young.”
George Burns Quote: “The key to success is sincerity. If you can fake that you’ve got it made.”
George Burns Quote: “Sex after 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope. Even putting my cigar in its holder is a thrill.”
George Burns Quote: “I don’t care what you do for a living. If you love it, you are a success.”
George Burns Quote: “I love to sing, and I love to drink scotch. Most people would rather hear me drink scotch.”
George Burns Quote: “In those days the best painkiller was ice; it wasn’t addictive and it was particularly effective if you poured some whiskey over it.”
George Burns Quote: “Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair.”
George Burns Quote: “It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth or the fourteenth.”
George Burns Quote: “From Paris we took the Orient Express to Vienna. I must say I was terribly disappointed; nobody was murdered on the train.”
George Burns Quote: “You know you’re getting old when you stoop to tie your shoelaces and wonder what else you could do while you’re down there.”
George Burns Quote: “Nice to be here? At my age it’s nice to be anywhere.”
George Burns Quote: “Young. Old. Just Words.”
George Burns Quote: “Be sure to wear a good cologne, a nice aftershave lotion, and a strong underarm deodorant. And it might be a good idea to wear some clothes, too.”
George Burns Quote: “I must be getting absent-minded. Whenever I complain that things aren’t what they used to be, I always forget to include myself.”
George Burns Quote: “I spent a year in that town, one Sunday.”
George Burns Quote: “I thought to myself, ‘why not write a bestseller?’ In the first place, more people buy them and more people read them. You make more money and it doesn’t take any more time to write a bestseller than it does to write a book nobody buys.”
George Burns Quote: “I should have been a country-western singer. After all, I’m older than most western countries.”
George Burns Quote: “The heart is a temple wherein all truth resides.”
George Burns Quote: “A young mind in a healthy body is a wonderful thing. Especially for an old man with an open night.”
George Burns Quote: “People are always asking me how much I’m worth. Well, all I can say is, I’ve got enough money to last me the rest of my life. As long as I die in the next 20 minutes.”
George Burns Quote: “Everyday happiness means you can’t wait to come home, because the soup is hot.”
George Burns Quote: “Tennis is a young man’s game. Until you’re 25, you can play singles. From 25 to 35, you should play doubles. I won’t tell you exactly how old I am, but when I played, there were 28 men on the court – just on my side of the net.”
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